CELL PHONES and CONCERTS: A Review on Etiquete


There has been quite a stir recently surrounding the use of cell phones a.k.a. smartphones at concerts. Geoff Tate threw a fan’s phone into the audience recently and Cult frontman Ian Astbury has also made a statement surrounding his interaction with a fan who was filming/texting during the show. While their behavior has sparked some outrage and fury, it’s actually quite understandable. Not saying I agree with what they did, but I understand why.

These are professional musicians who make a living doing what they do, not your buddy’s garage band. There is a level of respect that is to be given when supporting the arts. Whether it be a concert, Broadway or theatrical show, comedy club, or anything of the like, it would be proper to hold off on your social networking, tweeting, texting, etc. during the performance. People were able to do it before these device were invented, so it’s hard to believe that people aren’t capable of showing the same level of respect today. If someone that you respected was speaking to you and required your attention, you wouldn’t be texting and tweeting while they were talking to you. Or at least I hope not. No matter what it is….it’s probably not an emergency and can wait. Besides, don’t your friends know your going out to a show? They should be able to understand why you aren’t texting or commenting on their Facebook posts right away.

As far as filming goes, why someone would want to see a show on a small screen as opposed to the high def resolution of real life is beyond me. I mean, are they ever going to re-watch that video? Of course not, they’ll watch it once and realize the sound sucks. But of course that won’t stop them from putting it on YouTube in all its crappy glory, and get a whopping 56 hits. Please, save us all and just keep the phone in your pocket during the show. Although, there’s nothing wrong with taking a picture now and then.

Part of being in an audience, is that there’s a desire to actually pay attention. You’d think that a purchased ticket would be incentive enough to want to remember the experience as it was meant to be. If someone would rather spend the night texting, then they should stay home. Not only is it rude to be paying more attention to your phone than the performer, but the glare from the screen can also be annoying to those around you. If you’re filming while holding the phone above your head…..don’t be surprised if the person behind you just so happens to bump into you and cause you to break your phone – “Sorry bro, a pit broke out.” It’s not worth it if you ask me…..so just keep it in your pants.

UPDATE: The Ten Commandments One Must Heed If Using A Smartphone At Concerts


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