Syria Has Metal Too!

There has been a lot of talk about Syria lately, but there isn’t anyone talking about the Syrian Metal scene. So, let me enlighten you in that department. Anarchadia is a Thrash Metal band out of Domascus, Syria and these guys are not too shabby. I guess all that political unrest could make for some good Thrash, I just wonder what band practice was like before their move to Beirut, Lebanon. These guys take it seriously, though. They even have a track with Iced Earth founding member Jon Schaffer called True World Order, featured below. You can download a bunch of their tracks including the track with Schaffer via Reverbnation here.

Here is their bio taken from Reverbnation:

After his return to Syria, Raafat joined forces with Mhd. Siam and Sami Abo Loah to form an extreme Syrian Metal band. At the time, the view for the band’s future was yet unclear. But after composing several songs from various genres, and with Alaa Abdullah’s contribution , the band members settled on embracing Thrash Music as their roaring language, to express complete opposition to all forms of inequality, greed and injustice. Using a fairly simple home recording system, ‘Confronting My Demons’ came to light as the first piece of the first EP entitled ‘Let Us All Unite ‘. Subsequently, Alaa Abdullah, and Nour Sabbagh joined forces as permanent members. Alaa took over (Bass) duties, while Nour took over Vocals. Along with Mhd. Siam (Guitars), Raafat Atasi (Guitars),the band finalized the (EP) in late 2011, by adding four more tracks to the formula. Being inspired by anarchy, creative chaos and the false order that marked this planet, (Anarchadia) was coined, and chosen to be the band’s name. The first single to be released will be entitled ‘Occupy the Wall’, strictly embodying an utter dedication to the people of the global Occupy movement..
Afterwards, came about the decision to continue with the full length, so recording started again after Metal East Records offered to help making this CD. So four more songs were recorded in addition to a fifth song featuring Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth titled True World Order. Anarchadia had to move to Beirut Lebanon because of the struggle in Syria right after Raafat Atasi had to leave the band due to personal issues, then Sami Fraihat joined the band.
Now, and after settling in Beirut, the band decided to release the album online in order to share it with everyone by making it available for everyone to download.




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