Free 3-Song Release from BECKON (UK)

Just a few moments ago, a band called Beckon out of Scotland posted a link to their 3-song release and asked us to check it out, I refuse to call it an EP, in case you missed my rant on that you can see it here. Anyway, I decided to take a chance and press play and I’m glad I did! The vocals are slightly reminiscent of Nothingface, and I love me some Nothingface. The first two tracks are solid, but the second track comes in at nearly 8 minutes, so hopefully you can hang that long. I know some people who can’t listen to a song all the way through if it’s more than a few minutes long….I friggin’ hate that. But anyway, check out Beckon below and download the tracks if you want (you will get them in .wav format). For some reason I can’t post it as a playlist, so I’m posting them individually.



2 thoughts on “Free 3-Song Release from BECKON (UK)”

  1. Hi – I am writing a short review on Beckon as well and as a result I ended up here. Love your blog and the way you write. I will come back. Keep in touch. Andy

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