LAMB OF GOD Rock Blocked in Malaysia



Virginia metallers Lamb Of God were all set to perform in Malaysia on September 28th as part of the Rock 4 Way concert series, but now it appears as though the Malaysian government won’t let that happen (specifically the Department Of Islamic Development Of Malaysia, though the final decision was made by the Communications And Multimedia Ministry),

The performance has been cancelled as a result of them being deemed to be infringing on the religious sensitivities and cultural values of Malaysian society by the Department Of Islamic Development Of Malaysia. They also claim that LOG’s music contains a mix of metal songs with the reading of verses from the Quran. However, the promoters laid a bunch of BS on the local media and said that the reason for the cancellation was a result of the band claiming to have been receiving death threats (as seen below).

This difficult decision was made after thorough deliberation by us at Livescape and taking into account the objections raised by various groups as well as life threats made by certain irresponsible individuals towards the bandmembers,

The band’s guitarist Mark Morton issued a separate statement, seen below:

It is very evident (and a bit frustrating) that the groups, parties and powers that have taken the most offense to our music and lyrics have themselves only made a passing glance at the content and meanings of those songs. We would invite anyone offended by our music to engage in a discussion regarding the true motivations behind our work, especially before publicly slandering us based on assumptions and shallow misinterpretation. We sincerely apologize to our amazing fans in Malaysia for the cancellation. Many thanks to all who have spoken out in support of us through this.

Read more at Blabbermouth


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