Recently, I came across a band called All Else Fails out of Alberta, Canada. Their recent release Fucktropolis was sent to me along with several other releases for airplay/review consideration. They were all good bands and they all had a song added to airplay rotation, but this release definitely stuck out. Perhaps it was the intro to the first track AntiMartyr that grabbed me. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the dramatic delivery I guess. But then when the music kicked in, I just had to keep on listening. Somewhat reminiscent of German metallers Heaven Shall Burn at times, these guys definitely keep my head moving and give me an overall sense of what i call visceral metallium. Granted I got the album for free, but would have happily paid for it. I easily give this 4.5/5 Horns Up!

Check out Fucktropolis from All Else Fails below via the bandcamp widget and see if you get into it like I did. For some reason, the player automatically starts at track two. I highly suggest moving up one to start at the beginning….trust me on this.


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