Friday Find: TRALLERY

Going to try a new thing here. Every Friday we will do a Friday Find featuring a band that we like that may not be that well known. So definitely follow our blog via RSS or e-mail, if you don’t already, so you don’t miss out on more good stuff like this.

This week’s Friday Find is Trallery out of Mallorca, Spain. Their music is a ballistic barrage of Thrash badassery! If you like bands such as Testament, Exodus, Revocation, Kreator, and other bands in that vein; you are going to really get into Trallery. As soon as you start playing this you won’t want to stop, at least that’s the case over here. Check out their July 2013 release Catalepsy below.




One thought on “Friday Find: TRALLERY”

  1. This band? AMAZING. This band right here is the most incredible thrash band to come up next to Havok and Vektor out of the new scene. These guys should be opening for Revocation and other thrash legends!

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