DISSENSION’s ‘Of Time And Chronic Disease’ Out Today; Free Download Available


Montreal, Quebec metallers Dissension have release their debut album ‘Of Time And Chronic Disease’ digitally via Believe Digital and can be purchased on the band’s Bandcamp page and they will also be selling the release on vinyl format at shows. Sure, you could probably get it via another digital music retailer, but last I checked it’s always better to go through Bandcamp since the artist/label gets bigger cut that way. You can download the track Graceless Death for free here and stream the entire album via the widget below. It’s a pretty sick release, you should definitely check it out. It took over five years to make, it’s least you could you do.

Vocalist / guitarist Nathan Afilalo made the following statement regarding the new release:

Today marks for Dissension a massive step in sharing with the metal community our sonic offerings, our first album, ‘Of Time and Chronic Disease’. We have been waiting for this day for over half a decade (which makes us strangely aware of the passing time while making the album title creepily fitting). We will also be holding a live release show at the illustrious Foufounes Electriques in Montreal this coming Friday the 13th. Everyone attending gets a vinyl with purchase of concert ticket to show our appreciation to the congregation. We await with great anticipation as this marks only the first of many great advances for Dissension.

Starts at track 8, move back to listen from the beginning.


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