Friday Find: NIGHT DEMON

Well, it’s Friday (the 13th) and it’s time to bring you another Friday Find. Today’s find is Night Demon out of Ventura County, California. If you aren’t aware of these guys then you should definitely allow yourself the privilege. However, in order to truly appreciate this band for what they are, it helps to be familiar with the NWOBHM sound and the bands that were a part of it during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. If you are familiar with that genre, then Night Demon will sound like home to you. What’s great is that this is a brand new band, so there is actually a chance to see them live, as opposed to the vast majority of NWOBHM bands that just withered away. They are actually playing three shows with Diamond Head and Raven this coming October, you can get all those details here. But enough reading, it’s time to expose you to some music from this great band. You can check out the video for the song Night Demon below as well as stream their 4-song debut release. Enjoy!

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