JOURNEY Used To Be A Great Band

You all know who the band Journey is, right? At least you should. Most people know of Journey because of Steve Perry, but unknown to many, Journey actually released three albums with another vocalist; Greg Rollie. Those albums were Journey (1975), Look Into The Future (1976), and Next (1977).

Personally, I can’t stand Steve Perry’s vocals. I know they attained great success with him, but every time I hear a song from the Perry-era I just want to go off on the radio Office Space style until it begs for forgiveness. Especially when the local rock radio stations play the same ones over and over….it’s enough to make any guy sterile. I seem to have the Perry Curse too, every time I’m in the car with my wife (when she’s driving) some Perry-era Journey song comes on the radio. I just can’t seem to escape it for some reason. But the wife likes it so I just deal with it.

However, the Rollie-era of Journey is absolutely incredible and a breath of fresh air. I have listened to each album multiple times and I’m still blown away that this is the same band that told us Don’t Stop Believing. It’s the epitome of what 70’s rock (though some may call it Progressive Rock) was supposed to sound like. In the same way that bands like Pink Floyd and Thin Lizzy defined a sound, you can tell that the Rollie-era of Journey has influenced a few bands over the years. Especially on the track ‘She Makes Me (Feel Alright)’ from the album Look Into The Future, that riff definitely sounds like it could be a riff from 70’s rock influenced Metal band The Sword. It’s a shame that Neil Schon and Journey strayed away from this style of writing, that’s my opinion anyway.

Check out the Sword-like riff in ‘She Makes Me (Feel Alright’ below, if you like that you can check out the album streams as well. Although, the album next musically is bit more mellow. My favorites are the first two releases.





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