Through The Never-Again

Metallica was the first Metal band I became a fan of, it was actually a borderline obsession. I knew so much about Metallica that I could kick your ass if there was an all Metallica version of Rock Science then. These days, however, I’m not as moved by the music that Metallica puts out but I still enjoy those classic albums from Kill ‘Em All through …And Justice For All.

Last weekend I had the so-called privilege of seeing Through The Never, the new IMAX 3D movie from Metallica. I had been battling with myself internally as to whether or not I should even share my thoughts on it here. I didn’t want to be like some of the other blog sites by appearing elitist and coming off like a total douche bag. At the same time, I feel it necessary to call it like I see it…so here we go.

The understanding of what it was supposed to be was a Metallica concert told through the eyes of a roadie named Trip (Dane Dehaan) with a compelling story while featuring music from Metallica. It’s even labeled as a “Suspense ” movie. I don’t know what your definition of suspense is, but for me it means being on the edge of your seat wondering what’s going to happen next. I didn’t feel any suspense whatsoever, I honesty felt bored. The storyline was weak, at best, and hardly suspenseful. All it seemed like was a concert movie with a couple of fights and cut-scenes. And there was this “mysterious bag” that they never explain. What’s in it? The same stuff that was in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction? It was like a crappy video game surrounding a band. Plus, the live versions of the classic Metallica songs we know and love sound like crap now, at least vocally. Yet the soundtrack cracked the U.S. Top 10. Are you kidding me!?

Perhaps I’m alone on this, but I certainly didn’t feel like this movie lived up to the hype. I’ll admit that watching the film was a unique experience and the stage setup was great. Plus I had smoked a little weed, so that helped. But what gets me is that they are labeling it a suspense film…that right there is a straight up joke. It’s a concert film, plain and simple. So if you haven’t seen it and still plan to, don’t expect anything more. That way you won’t be disappointed like I was.




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