Throwback Thursday: PANTERA – ‘Power Metal’ (1988)

This may or may not be a regular weekly thing, but I thought I would post something for what people are calling Throwback Thursday. I have chosen Pantera‘s collectively forgotten, yet amazingly good album, Power Metal. It was released in 1988 and features some great guitar work from Dimebag Darrell, along with amazing vocals from Phil Anselmo that may not be what you’d expect from the well known former Pantera frontman. These days, he probably couldn’t hit some of those notes to save his life but nonetheless, this is a great album and I often wondered why it was never given a proper re-release. As have many, I’m sure. There are still many fans that have no clue that Pantera had four albums before Cowboys From Hell was released, though it should be noted that the albums prior to Power Metal featured vocalist Terry Glaze. While the “glam era” of Pantera may contradict what we know the band to represent, it’s still part of the ‘Dimebag Legacy’ and I think it should be exposed to the masses via a re-mastered re-release. Hell, it even has Dime singing on the last track ‘P.S.T. 88’ – ok enough reading, time to listen to a piece of Pantera history!




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