DIAMOND HEAD Will Tour U.S. With Fill-In Vocalist Chas West

Well we have good news and bad news here. The bad news is that Diamond Head vocalist Nick Tart will not be touring the U.S. with the band as a result of his father passing away. The good news is that the Diamond Head tour with Raven will not be cancelled, as they will have vocalist Chas West filling in.

Here is the official statement from the Diamond Head camp:

DIAMOND HEAD wish to send [singer] Nick Tart and his family their sincere condolences on the untimely death of his father. As a result of this, Nick will be flying home to Brisbane to be with his family and, unfortunately, has had to withdraw from DIAMOND HEAD‘s upcoming U.S. tour in October.

“In order to maintain their commitment to their fans and the tour, DIAMOND HEAD have called upon vocalist Chas West (JASON BONHAM, LYNCH MOB, TRIBE OF GYPSIES) who has been a longtime friend of the band to help out for this tour. DIAMOND HEAD are delighted to have Chas be part of this upcoming tour, which kicks off in Vancouver on October 8th.”

For a complete list of tour dates click here. If you plan on going to the Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or Santa Ana dates then you better check out Night Demon or you might be overcome with an overwhelming sense of regret at some point.





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