Dissension: Can You Classify Them?


Hailing from Montreal, Dissension is plowing through the gates with their first full-length release, Of Time and Chronic Disease. Forming in 2007 under the name Set to Kill, the band has been honing their sound, which they even say on their Facebook page is “defining the undefinable”. A mixture of thrash, black, and power metal, the genres not only change throughout the album, but sometimes on the same song. Maybe that’s why I had a harder time breaking down this album.

‘Graceless Death’ is an excellent example of how the entire album runs. It’s a thrash style song in the beginning, with some keys thrown in to hook the power metal. Nathan’s vocals are like gravel; rough and just killer. The song then slows down, drops into black metal, and then ending again with thrash. Still following me? Yes, it’s a little confusing. It definitely works to make a very interesting song, but my
concern is that there are fans that aren’t going to latch onto the individuality of this music. Thrash fans are going to want a thrash album, and this definitely isn’t it. You can hear where a band like Death is a big influence, but other tracks like ‘Set To Kill’ sound like it would fit perfectly on a Children of Bodom album. ‘Legacy’ starts out with a slow acoustic intro, reminiscent of early Metallica, before kicking into a black/power metal onslaught. It’s hard to classify this album as one thing, because it’s not one thing.

Being that the band has been around for 7 years writing and playing music, this sounds like an album that was 7 years in the making. During that time, it’s obvious that influences changed and songs were written in different styles. At times, this album seems like it’s more of a compilation than a solid piece of work. It’s not to say that I dislike the album, but after sitting down and listening to it front to back multiple times, it’s more of an album where I would pick out a few top tracks and just listen to those. ‘Apotheosis’, ‘Thralls To The Crucified’, and ‘Set To Kill’ are my favorite cuts from this release. For me, I would love to see these guys live and see how the crowd reacts. They definitely have the ability to play great music, and I’m sure this is only the beginning of what we’ll hear from Dissension.

On a rating of horns, I throw a solid 3.5 for Dissension:





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