Sequel To ‘SLC PUNK’ In The Works

Ok, this could be either really cool or a total bust. However, it appears as though a sequel to the classic movie SLC Punk is in the works entitled Punk’s Dead: SLC Punk! 2 (or alternatively SLC Punk! The Aftermath) and is being directed by James Merendino. It is unclear who will star in it other than James Duvall (Doom Generation, May, Signs) as Jon The Mod, since all the cast members on the film’s IMDb page all say the word “rumored” by their name. The film is slated for a 2014 release. You can see a teaser fan video here.

Here is the plot outline taken from the movie’s Facebook page.

18 years later. The Aftermath. “I made SLC PUNK when I was a kid, and accordingly, the story is naive, and, as just a coming of age story, not finished. The big question Stevo is facing today is, as an outsider, Punk Rocker, what relevance does he have, what tools does he have, in a world where all statements have already been made? How does he define himself in the context of this time and age? What is the relevance of a 40 year old punk rocker, i.e., an outsider, anyway?

It is not so much about having a cause that has relevance, than having a cause at all. Period. But how can you take action without picking a side, when you disagree with everything? Because that’s what a punk should be doing: fighting wind mills! But Stevo finds himself trapped into an existential funk, like his arch enemy, a slacker. Or even worse, a hippie drop out. And this is the tragedy of an entire generation that exists today and who are in the
“prime of their lives.”

And now….for that classic liquor store scene from part one, where Matthew Lillard exposes the 666 tattoo on his ass to a couple of Jesus freaks. If you know who the artist is playing during the beginning part, then you definitely are a well seasoned music fan and get a personal horns up from me.




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