Friday Find: SIRION

Well, it’s Friday again…woohoo!

With this day comes another Friday Find. Today’s find is a band out of Los Angeles, California called Sirion. These guys just recently played a show with the Gene Hoglan Experience and will be performing at our 805 Underground Concert Series event on November 30th at Outlaws in Camarillo, California. If you like bands such as Amon Amarth, Gojira, The Contortionist, etc…..then Sirion should be right up your metallic alley.

Founded in late 2011, Sirion is a heavy melodic metal band with strong symphonic, death and technical influences, adding their sound to a unique American style of melodic metal. Comprised of musicians from around the world and raised across the US, now brought under the banner of progressive shred. They continue to to wreak havoc across the greater LA and So Cal area sharing the stage with some of the industry’s best.

You can check out their track ‘Beyond The Depths’ below and if you like that one you can listen to more tracks via their ReverbNation page here. If you’re on Facebook, feel free to like their page as well.




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