VIXEN Founder and Guitarist Jan Kuehnemund Dead At 51

I know it’s not really the type of stuff we play on the station much, but it’s still sad to hear that Vixen founding member and guitarist Jan Kuehnemund passed away on Thursday, October 10th from a long battle with Cancer. She was 51 years young. Say it with me now…”FUCK CANCER!”

The following was posted on the band’s official Facebook page:

“It is with profound sadness that we announce the sudden passing of VIXEN founder and lead guitarist, Jan Kuehnemund, who lost a fierce battle with cancer on Thursday, October 10, 2013.

“Though most well known for her gifted guitar playing and other musical talents, Jan was a rare friend and beautiful in every sense of the word. Humble, thoughtful, loyal and kind, she was the most gracious of women, possessing the quiet strength of a true warrior. She genuinely loved and appreciated her friends and fans more than most could ever know. Those who were most fortunate to have known her and loved her are heartbroken at the loss of Jan, whose spirit will shine through her music eternally.

Jan was very courageous. Never complained. Never gave up. The cancer beat her body but it NEVER broke her spirit at any point.

“Up until the actual moment that she died, she really believed she was going back home.

Jan… you will be missed… but never forgotten.”





One thought on “VIXEN Founder and Guitarist Jan Kuehnemund Dead At 51”

  1. the very first rock band i fell in love with was VIXEN and my very first trip to the U.S. and my very first time to be outside of the country (Republic of Panama) that song …broken heart… was my inspiration to iron better and better as well as cooking, studying… i accept i played it repeatedly and i tried to be present in thier presentations in Seattle but couldn t so painful but I CAN SAY THAT I WILL MISS JAN AND NEVER FORGET HER….MANY HAVE NO IDEA THE KIND OF SOURCE OF MOTIVATION SHE WAS….PERHAPS SHE WANTED TO CREATE LOVE RELATED SONGS LIKE…BROKEN HEART…BUT THEIR PARTNERS NOT, …WHATEVER IT WAS, THANKS JAN… SOO SAD…..

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