So Far, The World Has Consumed Over Two Million Pints Of IRON MAIDEN Beer

A recent article on Blabbermouth has revealed that two million pints of Iron Maiden‘s Trooper Ale (made by Robinsons Brewery) has been sold globally, and is outselling all other British beers combined (in the USA, that is).

Personally, I’m not that surprised by this. The Hard Rock/Metal community, in general, love to get drunk and Iron Maiden is arguably one of the most popular Hard Rock/Metal acts out there. I’m sure many people are buying it purely based on its name. It’s an ESB (extra special bitter) ale, which in general is a very acquired taste. I can’t stand bitter beer so I already know I probably won’t like it, yet I still have a desire to buy a bottle just to hold on to. So, I’m rather curious how many people that bought Trooper Ale actually drank it. However, one of our loyal supporters expressed that it was quite tasty and refreshing.

I think the true test will be if people go back to buy more after already tasting it. We were told by a major beverage retailer here in Southern California that each store only got a few cases as a tester to see how they would sell. Now that they have been sold, they plan to get more but it probably won’t come in until after the New Year. So I guess we’ll see if this is merely a flash in the pan or if it will sustain its initial successful come 2014.



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