A Scary Look Into The Demise Of Over 3,000 Record Stores

I Need That Record! is a documentary film that was released in 2010….yet it still very relevant. The scary realization that the music industry shifted toward a downward spiral affecting thousands of workers is very prevalent in this movie. Ignorant people like to think that only record labels suffered as a result of the digital age, but the reality is that it was all a trickle down effect. Sure, record labels got hit hard….but so did many independently owned record stores all over the country (and most likely, the world). These aren’t rich people in suits, these are hard working people that had the rug pulled out from underneath them…all because people didn’t want to pay for music. If you have about 75 minutes to spare, you can watch it for free (legally) via Crackle here.

If this doesn’t inspire you to purchase music and support the music scene, then I don’t know what will.



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