Sriracha Factory Will Not Be Shutdown!

Recently, we told you about the possibility of the Sriracha factory (Huy Fong Foods, Inc.) facing temporary shut-down as a result of a public nuisance lawsuit being filed against them by the city of Irwindale, According to Associated Press, this shutdown has been denied by a Los Angeles Judge. No need to freak out and buy up all the inventory just yet.

A judge has denied a Southern California factory town’s attempt to shut down production of the popular Sriracha chili sauce over complaints about the pungent smell of pepper and garlic fumes emanating from the factory.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert O’Brien rejected the city of Irwindale’s initial bid Thursday to cease operations at the Huy Fong Foods plant until the company can reduce the odor, City News Service reported.

“You’re asking for a very radical order on 24-hour notice,” O’Brien told attorney June Ailin, representing the city.

Read the full story here.



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