GENERATION KILL: We’re All Gonna Die (Album Review)

What do you get when you put Exodus, Pro-Pain, Mutilation, and Marauder into a blender and set it to pulverize? You get Generation Kill. A Frankenstein of a thrash-metal band combining the usual thrash/punk drum beats, some drunken-staggering grooves, classic metal licks (harmony solos included), with a hefty dose of political apathy and hate to boot. Based out of NYC, Generation Kill brings to the world their new record entitled “We’re All Gonna Die”.  As I delve into this record, the first track “Born to Serve” is a great, hard hitting, and politically motivated song to set the tone for the record. It starts with guitar and drums culminating to Rob Dukes (vocalist/lyricist) at the top of his lungs… “You’re a fucking slave!” which brings in the rest of the band. Awesome to say the least!

Then they slow it down with “Prophets of War” (which eventually picks up at the end) another song with political undertones and tons of anger. I can’t say I agree with the change of pace so early in the record but in this day and age of mp3, do we even conceptualize a group of songs as an album anymore? That’s neither here nor there. The album picks up again with “Friendly Fire” for another hefty dose of thrashing, and pretty much holds pace for the rest of the record with the exceptions of “Carny Love”, and “There is No Hope”.  By the time you get to the closing song “We’re All Gonna Die” the band is ready to kick your ass one final time sending you on your way….maybe even to a Generation Kill show!  Overall I found this album to be a damn good thrash record. I found the pace a little up and down for my taste, but as I said before…that’s neither here nor there. The band executes well, has lots of energy, and gives you tidbits to think about. If thrash is your thing, I’m sure this album will find its way to your collection.

You can purchase the album via Amazon here.

-T. Miles Lord
Music Reviewer

3 and 1/2 (out of 5) horns up!




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