It still amazes me how many different shades of metal there truly are! Every once and a while an album will cross your path and make you say “what the hell is going on here!?”, or “what are they doing!?“. I found this happening with LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA (a.k.a. LMO). This Germany based metal band, with conceptual ideas pouring out of every orifice, bring you the opus work of Victor Smolski and Peavey Wagner. I admit I had many initial thoughts that came and went like wildfire, so rapid that listening was not enough. I had to see it, research it, and come to a rational conclusion about what I’m experiencing. “How do you mix ketchup and ice cream?” was my initial response. But as I researched, and saw what a truly magnificent production this was for anyone with musical ideas to see through to fruition, it all fell into place. This record tells the story of witch hunts in Gelhausen, Germany during what could be referred to as the Elizabethan period around 1599. Based on true events, Peavy Wagner (lyricist) puts this story to the compositions of Victor Smolski and two orchestras. And when I say “compositions” I mean it! With every song, LMO takes you all over the place on a musical adventure. Even to some places I wouldn’t exactly call metal, but the contrast draws good attention to the more triumphant parts of the record. At its core it is a metal work of art. It should be adopted to musical theatre at some level.

There is something childishly imaginative yet precisely executed about this record. Like the math it takes to build a skyscraper, the precision is key. Otherwise 30 some odd musicians playing all different instruments on one stage would sound like mush! My hat is off to LMO! The production and composition level is off the charts, which is something unachievable by most bands today. But if unadulterated headbanging is how you get your metal rocks off, unfortunately this album I feel falls just short of metalgasm.

The album is available now via Nuclear Blast and can purchased here.

4 Horns Up!



-T. Miles Lord
Music Reviewer


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