‘Tales’ by TRIBUNE – The Audible Offspring Of Volbeat, Warbringer and Down


Every now and then, a band comes around with a defined sound unlike anything previously heard by the listener. Such is the case with Tribune, and their latest release Tales. You may have read about them before on here, since they were both a Friday Find and included in our Top 25 Albums Of 2013  list. However, I thought it proper to further promote this awesome release with its own KM review.

For me, as a person who gets music submitted from multiple angles, I get excited when I hear a band that “sticks out.” When it comes to the bigger more well-known bands, it’s somewhat subconsciously expected that the album will sound good so there is more potential for a let-down. With an “unknown” band, one might subconsciously expect it to sound bad….especially amongst those Metal elitists who think their shit doesn’t stink. I don’t consider myself an elitist by any means, but I like to think I have an accurate intuition when it comes to separating the cream from the crap.

Tales is a concept album of sorts, with each track inspired by a band favored author and presented as a “chapter”. Some of the authors inspiring works of this album are H.P. Lovecraft, H.G. Wells and Homer. Upon first listen of the album I was impressed, there was something that drew me in. Being a fan of every band that has influenced them (Mastodon, Volbeat, Down, Lamb Of God, Superjoint Ritual, etc.), it really doesn’t come as a surprise that I would find pleasure in their music. What did come as a surprise was the album’s re-playability. I found myself listening to the album and then when it was over, I played it again, then again! I would hear little pieces of stuff that I didn’t notice before, it was quite refreshing.

The album starts off with the sound of pages flipping before kicking into ‘Chapter I: Tales’, but the album really kicks off with ‘Chapter II: Insectoid’ – there is a breakdown riff in that song that just hooks me every time. Fans of Volbeat will most likely enjoy the clean vocal styling of frontman Bryan Baker, and fans of bands like Warbringer and Down will most likely be drawn to his heavier vocal style. The great thing about this latest release from Tribune is that it’s a perfectly blended presentation of melodic hooks and neck-breaking riffs. I give it 5 out of 5 horns up!

Tales is available now via Corpse Corrosion Music and can be streamed and purchased via the bandcamp widget below. If you prefer to buy your music via Amazon, you can do that here.




-Max ‘ManJewky’ Wallis
KM Co-Founder and Blog Editor


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