Top Five Gifts To Give Your Metal Friends So They Think You Kick Ass

1. Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Xbox 360, PS3, PC/Mac



This is not your average video game, in fact it’s more like a guitar (and bass) teacher disguised as a video game…which makes the experience unlike anything before it. It really is the fastest way to learn guitar. Compatible with any electric guitar or bass (works on leftys too), just plug in the special cable and you’re set. There is a bundle that comes with a guitar, but if the intended recipient already has an electric guitar then it’s not necessary. Unless they want to learn how to play guitar but haven’t bought one yet, in that case the bundle would be ideal. With tracks from Slayer, Iron Maiden, Pantera and more…this game will teach anyone how to play these songs for real as opposed to just pressing colored buttons like on Guitar Hero or Rock Band. This blows those games out of the water when it comes to improving guitar and bass proficiency. In addition to playing songs the user can also play side-games to work on technique. Whether it’s a beginner, novice, experienced or advanced player, Rocksmith is guaranteed to improve performance within months (if playing on a regular basis). Find out more here.

2. Soundsticks III – Multimedia Speaker System with Subwoofer by Harmon Kardon



This is the most metal looking speaker setup that I’ve seen. It’s a three-piece, 2.1-channel multimedia sound system that brings a new level of excitement to music, games and movies to the home – with its exceptional sound clarity, enhanced color scheme and bare minimum of wiring. Beyond its eye-catching appeal, SoundSticks III continues to be incredibly capable – with 40 watts of dazzling amplification, a down-firing powered subwoofer (with volume control), eight full-range transducers and compatibility with all sorts of multimedia devices. There is also a Wireless/Bluetooth enabled model available here.

3. Rock Science – Marshall Amplifier Edition 



In a unique collaborative effort, one of the world’s most iconic brands of musical equipment Marshall Amplification joins up with the rock game of the century Rock Science. From early rock and metal to current artists the Rock Science Marshall Game is a tribute to the immense contribution Marshall Amplification has had on music history. Rock Science is a board game for 2-6 players and the Marshall edition contains 1,600 trivia questions celebrating five decades of loud rock ‘n’ roll and the iconic artists who use Marshall amps. The goal is to be the first to finish one lap around the board through the use of rock knowledge, clever betting, and a bit of luck. Players answer questions about anecdotes, myths, rockers, albums, songs, etc. You may also be asked to hum the riffs of well-known rock songs.

4. Limited Edition Rob Halford or Ozzy Osbourne Statue by Knuklebonz



These pretty much speak for themselves. The one you choose just all depends on the preference of the recipient. Each statue is hand painted and limited to 3000 pieces worldwide and also comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity. Just click on either Rob or Ozzy to find out more info or to purchase.

5. Metal Evolution 3-DVD Set



Metal Evolution presents 11 episodes based on the much-debated Metal History “family tree” originally shown in Headbanger’s Journey. This 24 sub-genre genealogical chart reveals the vast complex progeny of heavy metal–from Early Metal and Shock Rock to Thrash, from Progressive Metal to Grunge and Nu Metal. Using the chart as his road map, the metalhead turned anthropologist host Sam Dunn crisscrosses the globe in search of the very essence of Metal, from bars and back alleys to the biggest open air festivals.


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