Costco Labels THE BIBLE As Fiction, Resulting in Butt-Hurt Christians Everywhere


In a surprising twist in collective conscious evolution, Costco have decided to put honesty over ass-kissing and have properly labeled The Bible as fiction (at least at their Simi Valley, California location). As reported earlier today on Fox News (figures they are all butt-hurt over it), Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach made the “shocking discovery” that “all the Bibles were labeled as fiction” this past Friday. While a rep at Costco headquarters is currently chalking it up to “human error” in the warehouse, I think this should be standard for all book retailers. The Pastor does make a good point of filing it under “religion” instead, but I think we should just cut the bullshit and call it for what it is….a work of fiction.


(via FoxNews)

-Max ‘ManJewky’ Wallis
KM Co-Founder / Blog Editor


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