DAVE MUSTAINE Doesn’t Know The Words To ‘Little Drummer Boy’

Megadeth were the musical guests last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. During the show, they aired a skit in which Megadeth performed snippets of various Christmas songs advertising a fake Megadeth Christmas album. During their performance of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ frontman Dave Mustaine disappointed Jesus by substituting lyrics to be “blah blah blah” as he didn’t know the words. Oops!

Granted, I don’t even know the words to ‘Little Drummer Boy’ or practically any Christmas songs for that matter. But because Dave is Mr. Jesus Christian lately, he HAS to know. Right?

Watch it below…


2 thoughts on “DAVE MUSTAINE Doesn’t Know The Words To ‘Little Drummer Boy’”

  1. uh…I don’t think he forgot the words. I think that was on purpose. You know like in the song “Go To Hell”? “Now I lay me down to sleep. BLAH BLAH BLAH my soul to keep”.

    1. Yeah, but that “Blah Blah Blah my soul to keep” lyric was making fun of Metallica’s lyrics in “Enter Sandman” If that was the connection he was trying to make…it’s a big stretch in my opinion.

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