Vinyl Sales Continued To Skyrocket In 2013

70svinyl copy

According to a recent report on Los Angeles Times, the selling of vinyl has been skyrocketing upward since 2007. In 2013, vinyl sales reached approximately 6 million units (with 244,000 of those on Record Store Day alone – a single-day selling record since Soundscan began tracking in 1991 ). If you’re a stat-geek, then you can explore more detailed stats of your liking via


Of course, these stats are dwarfed by CD and Digital sales…but it’s definitely creeping up. In addition, the more people realize how much better music sounds on vinyl they will quickly ditch buying music in digital/CD form and start focusing their purchases toward vinyl (like I did), especially since many new vinyl releases come with a code to download the album digitally…which can in turn be made into a CD for personal use (if portability is that much of an issue).


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