Nekrogoblikon were recently added to the lineup on the 70,000 Tons Of Metal  cruise. So, naturally, the band have issued a variety of challenges to all U.K. “troll” bands (via their “mascot” John Goblikon) since they will all be stuck with each other during this  Metal voyage to the Caribbean.

The following was posted on Nekrogoblikon‘s facebook page:

To the so-called “troll” bands of Europe: You took the throne from us. And now we want it back. The eggs are broken, and there’s no repairing them now. You’re in over your head.
John Goblikon hereby summons all trolls, pirates, elves, witches, orcs, gnolls, etc. to challenge you to a series of feats:

Mortiis, I challenge you to a game of Connect 4, because you don’t look good at math. You remind me of myself, but with fewer friends.
Finntroll, let me remind you in case you forgot: GOBLINS ARE BETTER THAN TROLLS. I’ve already won whatever I was about to challenge you to.
Alestorm, I challenge you to a game of “kill the pirate,” also known as arm-wrestling. We shall see which scoundrel is stronger, goblin or pirate (clue: it’s not the pirate).
Troll – a band called Troll but who aren’t actually trolls? What is this impostery? I challenge you to drink. Only trolls could come close to keeping up with a goblin.
Trollfest – *see Finntroll
Children Of Bodom – I don’t know what kind of creature a “bodom” is, but it sounds wimpy. I challenge you to a game of checkers. I love checkers.”

You heard the goblin. You’re toast.

We shall see if the challenged accept….




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