SCAM ALERT: Pyramid Scheme Being Targeted Toward Bands


It has come to my attention that at least one page on Facebook (who shall remain nameless) is trying to convince bands to participate in a multi-level marketing/pyramid scheme using “making it” as the bait. This is just so wrong on so many levels. Even if using this suddenly gave bands “infinite wealth” that doesn’t mean that every band will suddenly become huge. Money doesn’t buy success, though it may be a catalyst for it. What makes an artist/band successful is talent (or at least should be) and the hard work put forth by label reps, managers, agents, band-aids, etc. that are networking and making things happen. Knowledge of music business is essential. You can’t just wave money around and expect to sell out arenas while selling a million copies of every release. These people are just giving bands false hope and should be ashamed of themselves.

Here is the Facebook post I saw:


Big Things Are Now Coming Your Way From (omitted).

We’ve been working on putting together some really cool projects for up-and-coming bands.

Finally, we are officially launching one of these projects.

We are looking for at least 50 people (each belonging to a different band) who are looking for a real chance at making it in the metal music industry.

(*Not everyone will qualify to participate in this project, so please read the following carefully before deciding to participate.)


1. In order for you to qualify as a participant, you must:

• Be determined and seriously dedicated enough to make your band a true success.
• Be in an unsigned band that has at least 2 other members.
• Be 18 years of age or over.
• Have a valid form of ID (Such as: Driver’s License, Passport, State ID, Student ID).
• Own or legally have access to a valid credit or debit card.
• Have access to the Internet.

2. The 2 (or more) other members of your band must each:

• Be willing to participate in the project,
• Meet the same qualifications outlined above, and
• Be able to find at least two people from DIFFERENT bands that also meet all of the above qualifications.

If you meet the above qualifications, and want to participate in this project, go here:


We expect this project to do amazing things for you and your band’s future!

Then once you click the link that I intentionally left out, you come to a page that says…

Get $7,000 to $10,000
For Your Band
Over and Over Again!

We’re Changing Lives!
*IMPORTANT: If you are not truly serious about making this happen for you and your band, please do not fill out the information below. Many people are already doing big things with this after putting their hearts into it and following our project guidelines.

Enter Your Name & Email to Watch the Free Video Everyone is Talking About!

Notice how it says “Unsigned bands only” – why? I’m guessing it’s because labels have lawyers. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM! If stuff like this actually worked…nobody would work at a job and every company would be begging to give people jobs. Think about it….

-Max ‘ManJewky’ Wallis
KM Co-Founder / Blog Editor

14 thoughts on “SCAM ALERT: Pyramid Scheme Being Targeted Toward Bands”

  1. First, after reading your article above, and after researching who you were talking about, I realized that you made an accusation that was unfounded. Apparently you do not know the legal definition of “pyramid scheme” which this company is NOT. Second, they NEVER mentioned that bands WILL ‘make it’ in the industry, but they do mention that struggling bands will have a “CHANCE at making it” in the industry. The fact that you conveniently left that out in itself is wrong on so many levels. Third, they never claim that, like you say: that these bands “will suddenly become huge.” But, even you agree that it “may be a catalyst for it.” So, a band can have millions and never achieve success. It’s how the money is used. And the project in question makes it clear that only people that are serious about their band’s success need apply. Fifth, your article implies that these struggling bands do not have talent nor knowledge of music business, and that the money they might make through this company would simply be ‘waved around’. After a thorough review of the FB page in question and their post, it makes it very clear that this will not be for everybody, and only those putting a sincere and serious effort in the project will see results. And I must say that it is a project that has great potential in not only helping to level the playing field (a fact that seems like you are afraid of for some reason), but you have neither proved that such a project gives “false hope”, nor have you been able to produce anyone who has failed in the company in question. I have researched the company, and not only does it have an impeccable reputation, but it has proved to be very successful, it therefore has an excellent track record. If it is the competition that you are worried about, then say so. But don’t hide your fears behind false allegations that you are unable to provide proof for. So, please, unless you can provide proof for the inappropriate comments you have made, please refrain from further posting them. It would also be advisable to remove the article you have above as well.

    1. How could you be “researching” who I was talking about if it was never mentioned? Seems like you may be affiliated with the page and trying to defend it…which I can understand to an extent. I saw a video relating to the system being used here and it’s exactly what a pyramid scheme is, money funneling through “tiers” of people. Even though no names were used, I find it funny that you suggest I take it down anyway. People can read the article along with your comment and make their own decision from there. But still…they’ll have no clue where to go since I never mentioned any page or company names. At the end of the day people will do what they want.

    2. In addition, the FB page makes it clear that the reason it says Unsigned Bands Only is because SIGNED BANDS ALREADY HAVE THE FUNDS AND ENOUGH SUCCESS ALREADY! Like I said, I have not been able to find where anybody has used the legal system against this company at any level. Neither have you. So please be more mindful as to what you refer to as a scam.

      1. From what I’ve read….this is the second incarnation of the system as the first one got shut down. And your “signed bands have enough success and funds already” statement just proves your ignorance. Many signed bands are struggling. This is a fact.

      2. I am in no way affiliated with that FB page or the company involved. But I do recognize when someone is trying to do a noble and helpful thing for his own community, not trying to oppose its growth and expansion like you are trying to do. Nobody likes a hater.
        Also, I had already seen the post in my News Feed BEFORE I ever read your article, so I already knew what you were referring to. And no, the legal definition of a Pyramid Scheme is a specific one that does not apply to what this company is doing. Look it up. I have.
        And for those making up their minds, notice how koshermetal provided absolutely no response to my other points.

  2. Unsigned bands are struggling much more than the signed ones. Stop avoiding the issue just to appear right.
    Also, it is your ignorance that is displayed when you say that the first system was shut down.. I can prove not only that it was not shut down but that it is still thriving as we speak. Again, you have avoided all my other points as well.

  3. “In addition, the FB page makes it clear that the reason it says Unsigned Bands Only is because SIGNED BANDS ALREADY HAVE THE FUNDS AND ENOUGH SUCCESS ALREADY!”

    Yeah and those unsigned bands DO NOT have money to put into this scam. Usually “little guy” musicians are not wealthy and the money they make goes towards, oh, I don’t know, making sure they have a roof over their heads and fed, and to save up to buy better equipment, not to some “company” guaranteeing they’ll make it. Music scenes have been, and hopefully will remain, DIY, not through companies. The smaller music scene is about taking care of each other and I’m glad this BS is being called out on. No one likes a thief and I hope no struggling bands buy into (literally) this scam. Yes, SCAM! (definition because you’re unaware: a dishonest scheme. Which is exactly this). This is just trying to dupe musicians like the old trope of buying the Brooklyn Bridge. You don’t just give your money to someone and gain instant success. It’s hard work and what exactly is this “company” offering? How do they get you to “make it” with giving them money?

    1. Well, I already know of unsigned bands who not only have been able to come up with the money to get in, but are already making money with it. So, not only are you still avoiding my very strong points, but your opinions do not necessarily prove that their project is a scam. Where are your facts?

      1. Where are YOUR facts? Can you please lead me to ALL the bands that worked with this? Links? Names? What are your strong points because I don’t see any? With what is posted, what will the company do to ensure that they will be working with you to “make it” into the industry? Why can’t musicians do this WITHOUT the help of some vague concept of throwing money at people to make them successful? Please answer me because I sure as fuck don’t want my friends screwed over because of this “wool over the eyes” scam.

  4. Oh I see, you make baseless accusations and I have to provide proof. Hmmm, what country are YOU from? I will gladly show you my facts, if you show me yours. As I said, I have no part in that company, so I don’t benefit from defending them. But I can provide hard proof that I’ve found since the bogus article above has been posted, to show prove without a doubt that every allegation presented here is totally untrue. Sure, musicians can make it without that project. But why are you so insistent that they don’t just because you may have been scammed before in some other useless scam. That does NOT mean that everything you now come across is a scam because of your past disappointments.

  5. Please prove me wrong then. So far, I haven’t gotten any information. If you’re going to make a claim that you know bands that have been successful, then why don’t you enlighten us? For all I know, it could work but this vagueness is what makes it fishy. It doesn’t matter where I’m from and I’ve never gotten scammed because I know better. I’m from SmellYouLater-istan because I’m done with trying to rationalize with people who want to cheat other. Bye!

  6. Again, you want ME to prove YOU wrong, when you can’t prove yourself right. When you say “For all I know, it could work”, you have just proven that you have nothing to prove your allegations.Just like you don’t want your friends “screwed over” (which I must commend you on despite our conversation above), I don’t want my own friends harassed either. My job is not to convince you one way or another, but to stand up for something that does not deserve the attacks such as the ones that are put forth herein. If you don’t don’t want to participate in their project, then don’t! But don’t be a stumbling block on something that even you admit “could work”. I recognize scams, and I have seen many. I can assure you, after being made aware of the project, I did my due diligence because I have many friends that are in the metal community, and none, and I mean NONE of what has been leveled against the project or the company has any basis whatsoever, and until you do provide YOUR proof, don’t insult my intelligence or the intelligence of the readers on this site by asking ME to provide YOU with the proof. Recall who started this whole conversation to begin with.

  7. If the above article is true, how do you explain the following post which was posted by the same people? This is the proof you’ve been asking for:

    **[Free Project Update]**

    Big Things Are Now Coming Your Way From [NAME DELETED].

    We’ve been working on putting together some really cool projects for up-and-coming bands.

    Finally, we are officially preparing to launch one of these projects.

    We are looking for members of metal bands (regardless of genre) to participate in our first project and receive a substantial boost to their band’s budget.

    These should be bands that are struggling in the music industry, and must be either unsigned or under independent labels.

    Individuals that qualify to participate in this project will be enrolled for FREE on a first-come first-serve basis! This will be done with an e-Voucher system that will eliminate the entire $499 fee that it USUALLY costs to get involved in this program.

    As a condition to your free enrollment, participation in the project will require you to follow our simple Project Guidelines which will result in you receiving $10,000 over and over again as you continue to easily cycle in our program. It will be very important for all participants to work closely with our Support Team in order to get these results from the project. You will see how very easy it all is!

    Up until now you may have been struggling to raise funds for your band. But, following our exact guidelines provides a faster way for you to get a lot of that money WITHOUT EVER RISKING ANY OF YOUR OWN MONEY!

    (*Not everyone will qualify to participate in this project, so please read the following carefully before deciding to participate.)


    In order for you to participate in the project, you must:

    • Be in a metal band (regardless of genre) that is either unsigned or under an independent label.
    • Have true dedication and passion for the music that your band creates.
    • Have a sample of your music that will confirm that you really are in a band, and that your band is indeed metal-related. (Your passion and dedication will be reflected in your sample.)
    • Be 18 years of age or older.
    • Have proof of ID (such as Driver’s License, State ID Card, or Passport–See Below).
    • Have proof of address (any 2 documents that were sent to you in the mail showing your name & address–See Below).
    • Have Internet Access.
    • Find at least two other people (either from your own band or from other bands who are willing to participate in the project) and bring them to this post. (These 2 (or more) people must also fulfill all of the same qualifications outlined above.)

    *[IMPORTANT NOTE] You DON’T need to have a credit card nor a bank account in order to participate in the program because you’re not going to pay for anything. Instead, the money you EARN will be sent to Solid Trust Pay (an online e-Wallet) where you will have options that you can choose from in order to RECEIVE your money, such as receiving checks in the mail, direct deposit into your bank account, and (if you don’t have a bank account) you will be given access to your own U.S. or International prepaid payroll MasterCard debit card loaded with your earnings. No credit check is required. Additionally, the reason you need to have proof of ID and proof of address is because if you don’t, you will only be able to withdraw small amounts at a time from your e-Wallet. In order to greatly increase this amount, Solid Trust Pay must verify the true identity of such account holders in compliance with global efforts to eliminate financial crime.

    Are you qualified and interested?

    Then click on this link to find out more and to get on the project list:


    Once you are on the project list, we will soon contact you in order for you to:

    1. confirm whether or not you wish to remain on the project list in order for us to hold your place in line to receive a free e-Voucher that would otherwise go to somebody else,
    2. receive the details on how to submit your music sample to us,
    3. receive the details on how to confirm that you’ve found at least 2 other people that want to participate in the project, and
    4. receive the fully-detailed step-by-step Project Guidelines.

    We will keep you posted on the launch of this project very soon!

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