New DIMMU BORGIR Track Leaked, Featuring Matthew Earl Of XANTHOCHROID!

Ok…it’s Sunday night. We don’t ever post on Sundays. However, someone sent us a message with a YouTube link a little while ago asking if we heard the new “leaked” track by Dimmu Borgir that had “a dude from Xanthochroid on it”. I personally don’t listen to Dimmu much, but I dig those dudes in Xanthochroid so I decided to check it out. Ho Lee Shit man, this is one kick ass track! So glad to see the guys in Xanthochroid working with such a prominent and well established band. Way to go guys!

Usually “leaks” are planned by labels…but this just might be a legit leak, so check it out while you still can (just in case it gets yanked).

The new track is apparently called ‘Bipartisan Apostasy’ and features Xanthochroid drummer Matthew Earl doing clean vocals.

Also, I decided to go onto the Xanthochroid facebook page to see if there was anything on there to add to this track’s legitimacy. Sure enough, there was a post on there from April 1st hinting at such a collaboration. You can see the screen cap below the video.





2 thoughts on “New DIMMU BORGIR Track Leaked, Featuring Matthew Earl Of XANTHOCHROID!”

  1. It was a joke, it is just Xanthochroid- perhaps they’d like to work with Dimmu, why not ask them than pretend to be them, ‘cos it’s clearly not them, not anywhere near as good, not bad, I might have given it a chance had they not tried to pretend to rip them off and failed!

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