RIK FOX To Guest During Metalocity On Kosher Metal Tonight!

Tonight on Metalocity, we will be hearing from founding W.A.S.P. member Rik Fox – also known as The Winged Knight Of Heavy Metal.

Over the years Rik has performed with Ronnie James Dio, Sam Kinison, Randy Castillo (Ozzy), Guns N’ Roses, and more! He recently performed with Spiders and Snakes at the Rockers Against Trafficking event that raised $10,000 for the cause.

Listen to Metalocity live tonight from 8pm-10pm Pacific Time via KosherMetal.com – who knows what interesting stories await.



14 thoughts on “RIK FOX To Guest During Metalocity On Kosher Metal Tonight!”

  1. This guy is a verified consummate liar. He wasn’t a “founding member” of W.A.S.P. , Randy, Blackie, & Tony auditioned him, & he lasted about 5 weeks of practices. He musically couldn’t cut it.

  2. The only person that wants to hear this windbag is himself.Will there be a Lie Meter for this interview? Same stories, Same lies.

  3. Rik is a great guy despite his haters..
    He was invited out by Blackie to audition for Sister and while they were developing the band Rik came up with the name WASP..
    Don’t ever believe any thing out of Blackies mouth….
    Sure he didn’t last long but neither did anyone else that mattered..

  4. I think that Rik is a man that was in the LA scene but the only thing that he had was good looking , not any talent , he had his 15 minutes of glory and he wants to show it to the all world , IMHO , but I,m sure that is a good guy deep inside !!

  5. I’m with Rock Hammer on this. Rik came up with the band’s name and WAS an original member of the band. The haters can hate but original members have verified this fact. If it weren’t for the name we saw how successful Blackie’s bands names were before Wasp. We all know how Blackie is about giving credit to anyone other than himself.

  6. There,s no any doubt about Rik was in WASP for a very short time but Blackie would be a succesfull musician with any name , what matter is the music and the live show ( and of course , a good business management )

  7. I think it’s ridiculous that the focus is constantly on what Rik did and that he is constantly called a liar. You can’t rewrite or change history and what is done is done. It’s senseless to try and put the guy down for his achievements and doing the things he set out to do. If anything it seems that there is some jealousy from the people who write these posts that want to try and discredit what he has done. If you really do not like the guy then why are you listening to his interviews and what he has to say. Obviously, you must be unsatisfied with what you have achieved in your life that you need to try and discredit his accomplishments. The hate is sickening and should be stopped already. Everyone should be proud of their accomplishments in their life and it seems you may not have accomplished the goals you wanted in life and have to discredit someone else. Remember there are always various sides to EVERY story. What is Blackie giving you a paycheck to defend him and discredit Rik? Seriously?!? Life is way to short to be so vile and hateful. Move on cause this whole smear campaign is an old story already..you’ve made your point, you don’t like him – we all got it. Move on and make some new goals for yourself.

  8. Hmm. it never ceases to amaze me the lengths to which people go to criticize and minimize others. For somebody to be so angry and twisted and hateful inside to lash out at others publicly only highlights their own personal demons. You cannot trust the words of such people. There is nothing these fools can say to me to convince me that my friend, Rik is not the “real deal.” it doesn’t matter if he was in WASP for 5 minutes or 5 years (I know better, because I’m also friends with famous people that know him!) I have albums with his name on it! I play records where I can hear Rik playing the bass guitar, and it sounds pretty damn good to me! Don’t give any worry to these troubled people. Even though the past is gone, it is a foundation of which we draw upon as the paths of our lives unfold! I think that these nay sayers and critics are living too far in the past, while I see my friend Rick enjoying the fruits of his past embracing the mistakes owning the changes and still enjoying sharing of his joys of past success, and mistakes! I see honesty, and correct self marketing . I also see him continue to be successful in the local music scene as he interacts at a level which will certainly spark new creativity and future projects for him! Don’t doubt it! I see a Rik Fox record coming out in my mind’s eye! forget about those fools! Let’s rock and roll! DVB

  9. Such a statement is beyond idiotic.
    Rik is the real deal.
    Such empty claims are immediately dismissible as simple evidence proves the truth.
    I find it absurd that anyone would focus such intense energy on attempting to discredit someone who worked extremely hard to build the resume which he possesses
    Maybe if you used such determination and focus in your own life you would not have to resort to attempting to tear others down in order to validate your existence.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Now that’s funny!! Yngvie has one thing going for him he’s a great guitar player that’s about it…he’s got the personality of a shoe! He’d be the LAST person I’d believe!!!

  10. You can count on one thing.
    Anything Yngwie say is hopelessly askew as it is filtered through his galactic sized ego and narcissistic admiration of himself.
    When a guy has a never ending rotating door of band members that should tell you just about everything you need to know.

  11. I have worked with Blackie and Yngwie and how Rik was able to be in a band with either earns him points..
    Both those guys were 2 of the biggest jerks I have ever met and I have worked with many big rockstars.
    Im a big fan of the work Blackie and Yngwie has done but their egos are out of control..

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