The ‘Battle Of The Bands’ Has Evolved Into A Shady Mess


It appears as though these so-called Battle Of The Bands events that we all know about are nothing more than cash grabs aimed to take advantage of those willing to participate.  I could be way off here, but I’ve been to enough of these things to realize they are a complete joke (at least the ones I went to).

It used to be that there were a panel of judges, and everyone was made aware of who was judging from the start. Bands would play (without being forced to sell tickets) and they were judged based on a variety of criteria such as crowd reaction, stage presence, song structure, and so on. Nobody was asked at the door who they were there to see.

It seems to me that the only “battle” going on is who can sell the most tickets (pre-sale or at the door). So, in other words, it’s all about how much money they can make for those running it. A band who totally sucks could end up winning a Battle Of The Bands simply because they “packed the house” – I’ve seen it happen.

I know I am generalizing here, and I apologize to anyone who runs legit battles. The goal of this post is to stop the people who are just merely taking advantage of bands by dangling a carrot in their faces without rewarding those who truly deserve to win whatever prize is being offered. It shouldn’t be about how many tickets a band can sell, it should be about how good they are at performing (along with having good songs). The fans (and money) will eventually come if the band has something good to offer.

-Max ‘ManJewky’ Wallis
KM Co-Founder and Blog Editor


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