BLACK SABBATH With ROB HALFORD In 1992 = Pure Awesome


For no reason other than its pure awesomeness, here are some pretty good clips of Rob Halford performing with Black Sabbath at the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa, California in November of 1992 opening for Ozzy Osbourne.

Ronnie James Dio was supposed to be fronting that night as it was in support of the Dehumanizer album, but it is believed that he was not willing to “open for Ozzy” so they got Halford to fill in for these shows (which would not be the only time Halford has done vocals for Sabbath in a live setting, but it was the best sounding from what I’ve heard).

Those of you who remember the days of “bootlegs” should have no problem with the sound quality, but those who were raised in the digital era may find the sound to be a bit undesirable. Regardless….this was one awesome night in Heavy Metal history.

‘Computer God’


‘Heaven & Hell’


‘Neon Knights’


‘Children Of The Grave’



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