Pre-Orders for the New Machine Head LP Are Up


If you collect vinyl records and live in the USA like me, then you are probably eagerly awaiting pre-order links for the new album from Machine Head entitled Bloodstone & Diamonds to go up. I had stumbled across some eBay ‘scalpers’ that were pre-selling certain variations at ridiculous prices. I thought they were bootlegs at first but I decided to dig some more. Upon further digging I came across the Gold and the Red ones from exclusive online retailers. The Gold is limited to 200 pressings and exclusive to Napalm Records, while the red is limited to 100 pressings and exclusive to EMP Merchandising. Both are STILL AVAILABLE for pre-order as of this writing. I tried getting the red one, but alas EMP cannot ship to the USA. I went for the Gold and saw they CAN ship to the USA for 6.99 euro! In total it was about $42 including shipping to the USA from Austria. Of course, once they’re gone then those “ridiculous prices” on eBay may not be so ridiculous after all.

While the USA pre-order links via Nuclear Blast are not up yet (as of this writing) they are expected to go up soon. The European arm of NB does have most of the other variations up here. But be warned, it costs 22.00 euro to ship to the USA from there. So unless you’re going for Gold….I’d wait if you’re in the USA.

Update: USA pre-order links are up via Nuclear Blast America.

-Max ‘ManJewky’ Wallis


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