About Us

This blog serves as the official blog site for Kosher Metal, an online radio station. The purpose of this blog is to provide Metal related music news, station news, album reviews, editorial pieces, free downloads, and anything else that might be appropriate for our Metal audience.

When it comes to the music news, we aren’t claiming to be ‘your number one source’ or anything like that. Nor will we perpetuate gossip or other TMZ-like content. What we will do is filter through several Metal news feeds and post about things that we think our audience would want to know about. Some may appreciate that, since to go through every single piece of Metal related news out there every single day is enough to give you a headache (if you count all the underground stuff). But there is plenty of pain medicine here…so we can hang. When it comes to tour announcements though, we mainly focus on the USA since that is where we live.

Granted, some stuff may fall through the cracks so if there is something we aren’t posting about and you think we should, you can submit news here. Just as an fyi, we don’t just copy/paste press releases. Every post is written by a human, and if something is a copy/paste job then it will be noted.

Find out more about the history behind Kosher Metal at this location.

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