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EMPYREAN THRONE: Demonseed (Album Review)

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Have you ever thought of how funny it is when, say, Japanese people try to sing American music? You see them butchering Lynyrd Skynard songs in every single movie where someone goes to Japan. You gotta give it to ’em though, they obviously have good taste in music! Can’t really create it themselves (with the exception of Church of Misery), but you know, good for them. It seems to have been the case for Americans trying mimic European black/death metal for many years now. You can always distinguish their continent in the first song or two. Is it a heritage thing? Do these Norwegian death metal bands really have the Viking blood of their ancestry fueling their riffs? Are these Swedes fed from their mothers tit a magical melodic metal milk? I don’t think so. Recently, you’ve seen bands emerge from the States that sound like they’re from Poland, pounding out songs of the likes of Vader and BRT (that’s a Blood Red Throne acronym for all you idiots). It seems to have taken a while, but it’s definitely happening and it’s refreshing. Continue reading EMPYREAN THRONE: Demonseed (Album Review)