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Check Out SOLITUDE AETURNUS – For Fans Of Prog, Doom, Sludge, Stoner Metal


One of the downsides to being a music fan is that there could be a band/artist out there that you really like but have no idea exists. But when you find out about them, it’s like sweet treats for your ears. Such was the case with me and Solitude Aeturnus. I actually found out about this band late last week because I bought a record from a band member via an online marketplace. Actually, it was two records of the same title (Pantera – ‘Power Metal’).

We started chatting back and forth and he told me I should check out his band. Usually when someone tells me to check out their  band, they suck and I get put in that awkward position when they ask me “So, what’d ya think?”

However, Solitude Aeturnus is a breath of musical fresh air. I am currently listening to their 2006 album Alone and I am just loving it. I didn’t plan on listening to the whole album, but now I have to because it’s that good! Great guitar work, great arrangements, and their singer can actually….you know….sing!

Check out their album Alone below!

EMPYREAN THRONE: Demonseed (Album Review)

final cover photo FB_small

Have you ever thought of how funny it is when, say, Japanese people try to sing American music? You see them butchering Lynyrd Skynard songs in every single movie where someone goes to Japan. You gotta give it to ’em though, they obviously have good taste in music! Can’t really create it themselves (with the exception of Church of Misery), but you know, good for them. It seems to have been the case for Americans trying mimic European black/death metal for many years now. You can always distinguish their continent in the first song or two. Is it a heritage thing? Do these Norwegian death metal bands really have the Viking blood of their ancestry fueling their riffs? Are these Swedes fed from their mothers tit a magical melodic metal milk? I don’t think so. Recently, you’ve seen bands emerge from the States that sound like they’re from Poland, pounding out songs of the likes of Vader and BRT (that’s a Blood Red Throne acronym for all you idiots). It seems to have taken a while, but it’s definitely happening and it’s refreshing. Continue reading EMPYREAN THRONE: Demonseed (Album Review)

‘Tales’ by TRIBUNE – The Audible Offspring Of Volbeat, Warbringer and Down


Every now and then, a band comes around with a defined sound unlike anything previously heard by the listener. Such is the case with Tribune, and their latest release Tales. You may have read about them before on here, since they were both a Friday Find and included in our Top 25 Albums Of 2013  list. However, I thought it proper to further promote this awesome release with its own KM review.

For me, as a person who gets music submitted from multiple angles, I get excited when I hear a band that “sticks out.” When it comes to the bigger more well-known bands, it’s somewhat subconsciously expected that the album will sound good so there is more potential for a let-down. With an “unknown” band, one might subconsciously expect it to sound bad….especially amongst those Metal elitists who think their shit doesn’t stink. I don’t consider myself an elitist by any means, but I like to think I have an accurate intuition when it comes to separating the cream from the crap. Continue reading ‘Tales’ by TRIBUNE – The Audible Offspring Of Volbeat, Warbringer and Down

HEART OF A COWARD – Severance (Album Review)


As we head toward the last holidays of the year, I find out about an amazing metal band called HEART OF A COWARD! If you haven’t heard of them well now you have, and if you’re already familiar then I can only imagine how excited you’ve been for their latest release Severance. Recorded in England and London (yes, they are different places) then mixed in New Jersey USA, “Severance” is finally here via Century Media Records.

In all of its head spinning technicalities, flawless execution, and seamless transitions to and from the dark heavy chromatic and the melodically emotional, Severance still manages to give you cognitive and introspective lyrical content to send you down the rabbit hole. It’s thrashy, it’s technical, it’s BEEFCAKE from top to bottom! This album, I can only imagine, is the result of many hours of slaving to the grind while elevating musical instrument proficiency, and HEART OF A COWARD has definitely done their homework. I can’t wait to see a list of U.S. tour dates!

To sum it up simply, I say…GO BUY THIS RECORD! You won’t regret it! You will get your metal’s worth! That’s all you need to know. You can pick it up here.

You can also check out their official music video for ‘Psychophant’ below. Continue reading HEART OF A COWARD – Severance (Album Review)


It still amazes me how many different shades of metal there truly are! Every once and a while an album will cross your path and make you say “what the hell is going on here!?”, or “what are they doing!?“. I found this happening with LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA (a.k.a. LMO). This Germany based metal band, with conceptual ideas pouring out of every orifice, bring you the opus work of Victor Smolski and Peavey Wagner. I admit I had many initial thoughts that came and went like wildfire, so rapid that listening was not enough. I had to see it, research it, and come to a rational conclusion about what I’m experiencing. “How do you mix ketchup and ice cream?” was my initial response. But as I researched, and saw what a truly magnificent production this was for anyone with musical ideas to see through to fruition, it all fell into place. Continue reading LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA – LMO (Album Review)

GENERATION KILL: We’re All Gonna Die (Album Review)

What do you get when you put Exodus, Pro-Pain, Mutilation, and Marauder into a blender and set it to pulverize? You get Generation Kill. A Frankenstein of a thrash-metal band combining the usual thrash/punk drum beats, some drunken-staggering grooves, classic metal licks (harmony solos included), with a hefty dose of political apathy and hate to boot. Based out of NYC, Generation Kill brings to the world their new record entitled “We’re All Gonna Die”.  As I delve into this record, the first track “Born to Serve” is a great, hard hitting, and politically motivated song to set the tone for the record. It starts with guitar and drums culminating to Rob Dukes (vocalist/lyricist) at the top of his lungs… “You’re a fucking slave!” which brings in the rest of the band. Awesome to say the least!

Then they slow it down with “Prophets of War” (which eventually picks up at the end) another song with political undertones and tons of anger. I can’t say I agree with the change of pace so early in the record but in this day and age of mp3, do we even conceptualize a group of songs as an album anymore? That’s neither here nor there. The album picks up again with “Friendly Fire” for another hefty dose of thrashing, and pretty much holds pace for the rest of the record with the exceptions of “Carny Love”, and “There is No Hope”.  By the time you get to the closing song “We’re All Gonna Die” the band is ready to kick your ass one final time sending you on your way….maybe even to a Generation Kill show!  Overall I found this album to be a damn good thrash record. I found the pace a little up and down for my taste, but as I said before…that’s neither here nor there. The band executes well, has lots of energy, and gives you tidbits to think about. If thrash is your thing, I’m sure this album will find its way to your collection.

You can purchase the album via Amazon here.

-T. Miles Lord
Music Reviewer

3 and 1/2 (out of 5) horns up!



Kosher Metal’s Top 25 Albums Of 2013


It kind of goes without saying that during the tail end of every year, many people and websites put out their lists of what they think were the best albums of the year. Well, what started out as being a top 10 list turned into a top 15, then a top 20, and finally a top 25. There were just so many great albums released this year that it’s really difficult to narrow it down to just 10.

So here we go….our top 25 albums of 2013, along with some notable mentions.

Click on any album image to get more info about the release or to purchase it. If you’re thinking about what to get your Metalhead friend for the holidays, any of these albums in physical form would make a good choice.

25. Scar The Martyr – Scar The Martyr (Roadrunner)

scarthemartyrdebutcd_600 Continue reading Kosher Metal’s Top 25 Albums Of 2013