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Tuesday Bluesday: ELMORE JAMES – ‘The Sky Is Crying’

Happy Tuesday Metalheads!

This week’s Tuesday Bluesday pick is Elmore James with his song ‘The Sky Is Crying’ – which was later covered by Stevie Ray Vaughan. For those of you not in the know, Tuesday Bluesday honors the great blues artists that helped pave Metal’s path. Whether you like blues music or not, you gotta give credit where it’s due. And without these classic blues artists we would not have the Metal we know today.

Tuesday Bluesday: HOWLIN’ WOLF

A little later than usual, but it’s time for another Tuesday Bluesday pick!

This week’s pick is Howlin’ Wolf with his track ‘Killing Floor’ – this song was later covered by Led Zeppelin.


Tuesday Bluesday: LARRY DAVIS (Texas Flood Original)

Blues has played an important role in the evolution of Metal, so every Tuesday we will highlight one Blues artist to focus on as a little tribute to those who helped pave Metal’s path.

You might already be familiar with the song ‘Texas Flood’ – as it was made very popular by Stevie Ray Vaughan. However, many are oblivious to the fact that ‘Texas Flood’ was actually a cover song and originally recorded by Larry Davis in 1958.

So, here is the original version for you to check out (complete with that vinyl listening experience).