RECAP: Night Of The Living Thrash

(photo credit: Chris Cromelin)

This past Saturday, we hosted an event called Night Of The Living Thrash at The Tavern in Ventura, California. We were hoping to get someone out to review the show but we couldn’t make it happen due to scheduling conflicts, so… we’re doing it ourselves.

The evening started off with a thrashy kick to the balls when Social Overload began their set at 9:30pm – they have a good reputation amongst the locals and everyone we had talked to who were aware of them had nothing but good things to say. However, this was our first time catching these guys live and they pretty much set the tone for the rest of the night. If you haven’t checked these guys out and their shows are accessible for you…we highly recommend going. You can visit their website for show info, etc.

After giving away our first round of CD prize packs (courtesy of Nuclear Blast America) it was time for M.A.S. to tear it up. These guys got the pit going and provided an onslaught of thrashy riffs and vocals. They closed their set with a cover of Body Count’s “Cop Killer” and it was also around this time that we noticed some confused faces on some people who were walking through the venue to get to the outside area. Apparently there was an “SB ’04 Reunion” party in the back, we had no clue this was going to be occurring but it definitely provided for some laughs. There were sights of preppies and hoochies throughout the night with looks of disgust, most of them had to walk through a mosh pit to get outside where their party was, many of them plugging their ears. It was great! I mean, Metal is supposed to piss some people off…right?

After another round of giveaways, Brain Dead began to tear everyone a new third eye. With the twin-duo Adam ‘n Rez on guitar and bass along with blistering vocals by frontman Joey Dalo, these guys really brought the pit to life. Brain Dead has been hailed as one of the best local Thrash bands currently on the Los Angeles scene by established promoters, and we see nothing but great things for these guys in the future. Great songs and great stage presence. Hell, their debut album Indoctrinator was produced by former Slayer producer Bill Metoyer (you can get that here, if you’d like).

The final band of the night was Sangre and these Inland Empire heavy hitters brought that Metal hammer down in a way that could only result in one thing…a giant pit! Well, giant for the size of the venue anyway.  We couldn’t believe how insane both their set and the crowd were. We’ve already gotten requests to bring Sangre back, and we definitely will!

The best part about the whole night is that people moshed non-violently, if that makes any sense. When someone went down, they were helped back up….the way it’s supposed to be. No fights and no injuries that we are aware of. We have to give it up to the crowd, it was the epitome of how a crowd should behave at a Metal show. So, if you were there then pat yourself on the back.

The next event we have planned is on January 10th, 2015 at The Tavern once again and it will be called New Year’s Metalution. The night will feature Raiju, Six Pack Of Doom, Heretic, and Ruthless. We hope to see some familiar faces.

\m/ Keep it Metal \m/

-The Kosher Metal Staff



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XANTHOCHROID To Release Ultra-Limited Vinyl Pressing Of Debut Album via Blood Music

This is great news for vinyl lovers!

Blood Music will be releasing an ultra-limited vinyl pressing of Xanthochroid‘s debut full-length album Blessed He With Boils.

As stated by the label:

Xanthochroid “Blessed He With Boils” Ultra-limited Transparent-Green-and-Yellow Splatter 2xLP.

This configuration:

PRE-ORDER: November 12th at 5PM Finnish time (10AM NYC).
RELEASE: December 16th.

* First time ever vinyl pressing of this incredible symphonic/progressive metal debut.
* 180-gram+ Yellow Splatter on Transparent Green Base 2xLP.
* Mastered specifically for vinyl from the high resolution original mixing stems.
* 350gsm heavyweight board gatefold jacket with green flood inner printing.
* Black inner sleeves.
* Amazing music.

We’re not sure what the cost will be, so you’ll just have to keep an eye on Blood Music’s website. (Update below)

Since they used the terminology “this configuration” when describing the pressing info, one can only assume that there will be other variations released later on in not-so-limited form. We have a feeling this one will become the most sought after, though. Why? Just look at it…’s so beautiful!


UPDATE: We have confirmed with the label that they will be charging 29.99 (Euros or Dollars depending on your location). They will also be doing an even more limited black vinyl version with only 150 total pressed (60 for USA/Canada, 90 for Rest Of World)


NIGHT DEMON Announce Release Dates For New Album, Reveal Album Title and Cover

KM favorites Night Demon have revealed further details on their upcoming release

A recent post from the band on their official website states:

“We are very pleased to finally bring you our debut LP, Curse of the Damned.  11 brand new Night Demon songs for your listening pleasure.  This album is scheduled for release through SPV/Steamhammer in Germany 01/16/15, Europe 01/19/15, and through Century Media in North America and the rest of the world 02/10/15.  Pre-order links will be posted soon.”

Here is the official cover art for the album…


2014 Is The First Year With ZERO Platinum Selling Albums

platinum copy

…and it’s all your fault.

But seriously this really, REALLY bums me out! Sean Parker and Spotify aren’t exactly helping, either. I mean, unless you are a stickler for audio quality like me or like having a physical product with artwork, it makes perfect sense to just stream the album for free instead of paying for it. But on the flip-side, the money you save is more money taken away from the artist because the content creators get paid far less than they would selling that album to the listeners, not to mention the ongoing piracy issue. I commend Tool (and all the other artists) for not having anything up on Spotify. Good music has value, and those artists know it. I guess it’s a good thing that Spotify’s business model hasn’t proven to be sustainable.

Sure, many people say that they use Spotify to check out an artist before buying. Realistically, I’m betting that 99.99% of the people who say that are full of shit and have no desire to pay for any music. They may go to shows, but that’s not what this post is about.

I get albums sent to me for free digitally because of the radio station and yet I still purchase the vinyl if I like it and it’s available. Am I an idiot for spending hundreds of dollars on music in the past year? NO! Because I’m willing to take an active role in helping the artist succeed. I can’t go to every show so at least I’m buying something.

There may come a time when the artists you love just stop putting out new albums all together and just release a single now and then. If that happens, would all the money saved be worth it? Sure…you didn’t have to pay for any music but I bet you’d be pretty bummed if your favorite bands stopped putting out albums. Obviously this doesn’t apply to everybody. If you purchase music albeit vinyl, CD, or Digital then I’m obviously not directing this at you…I actually salute you.

In the end, pirateers and music freeloaders will do what they want but let me just leave you with this comment left by a friend of mind who shall remain anonymous (unless they ask to be revealed):

“You see… the older bands I dig actually came up in a time when fans would not only BUY the album, but they’d also PAY for their tickets to a show. AND when they got to the show, they would BUY merch too! It wasn’t a matter of “Well, let me steal the album and TRY to get into the show for free via guest list from a shitty local opener or just sneak in… THEN maybe buy a shirt if I have enough money left over after I buy all my weed and/or cigs and/or beer.” There was no theft of music, and no justification of “Well I’m poor/broke and can’t afford every new album that comes out.” We supported our favorite bands so that they could still be around, and continuing to put out new music.

Proof positive that when you actually SUPPORT artists with your WALLET instead of facebook likes and ridiculous “promotion” via illegal torrents and blogspots, they will actually still be around 20 – 30 years later…”

-Max ‘ManJewky’ Wallis

Kosher Metal and Metal Assault Presents: NIGHT OF THE LIVING THRASH

NOTLTflyer_FRONT copy(click image to enlarge)

It’s been a while since we put together our own curated show, so this one is definitely long overdue. So, if you plan on being in the Ventura County, California area on Saturday, November 8th we invite you to come get thrashy with us as we bring Thrash Metal to The Tavern in  Downtown Ventura for Night Of The Living Thrash!

There will be free giveaways from Nuclear Blast as well as performances by kick ass thrash bands hand picked by members of the KM staff including Sangre, Brain Dead, M.A.S. and Social Overload!

RSVP on Facebook here!

Sponsored by: Metal Assault (

Win a Signed Copy of the New Album From PSYCHOSTICK!

Hello all in Kosher Metal land, are you ready for a killer giveaway!?

We have teamed up with those sexy beasts in Psychostick and are giving away one signed copy of their new album entitled IV: Revenge Of The Vengeance before it’s released on November 4th. You can check out their hilarious video for the song ‘Obey The Beard’ at this location.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment with your best caption to the photo below, the comment with the most “thumbs up” by Thursday, October 23rd at Noon PDT wins! If there is a tie, the earliest left comment will win. Tell your friends so they can vote and enter as well!


We will contact you via email if you win to get your mailing info, so make sure that email address is valid when you leave your comment. Your email will not be publicly visible, only we can see it….just to make that clear so you don’t wig out thinking everyone will see your email address, they won’t.

Winner MUST be at least 16 years of age and have a valid mailing address in the U.S.A.


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