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Ok, some of you probably know who this guy is and some of you are clueless. This dude basically takes Metal songs and replaces the music while isolating the original vocal tracks in a way that makes it down right comical, usually. He’s done this with Iron Maiden, Lamb Of God, KISS, and Megadeth, to name a few. He’s also known for taking un-Metal songs and giving them a Metal makeover while using the original vocal tracks, and he usually makes them sound better than the original. Not every single video he does is a winner, as will most creative people, so I took the liberty of compiling what I think are his best works. But every “best of” list or collection is open for debate, so if there is something he’s done that you don’t see here and you think it deserves attention, post a link in the comments.

…And away we go (in no particular order). I hope you have some time….cause you just might get hooked on these, like some people I know.