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MADROST Team Up With SOFA KING VINYL For Record Release Project

Sofa King Vinyl have announced that they have teamed up with Southern California’s Madrost (pronounced “muh-drawst”) for their first vinyl release project as part of the label’s launch. What this means is Sofa King Vinyl will be launching a pre-order campaign with exclusive bundles via Kickstarter. If the goal is met, Sofa King Vinyl will press 500 copies of Madrost’s critically-acclaimed album ‘Into The Aquatic Sector’ on 140 gram audiophile quality vinyl. If Sofa King Vinyl doesn’t hit the goal then nobody pays a dime and the records don’t get pressed while they basically kick rocks.

Regarding questions about the use of Kickstarter to sell records, the label states the following:

Since we are literally starting from nothing, we need to make sure we at least break even on the first few records we put out. Crowdfunding by pre-order is the perfect way to make sure we sell enough records and verify there is enough demand for a specific vinyl release. We don’t want to go seeking investors and having to take on “shareholders” because that just complicates things and gives other people a reason to think they can tell us what to do. We are lucky enough to be able to work with artists who understand our position and are excited to be a part of our label launch; and we are just as excited to work with them.

PRE-ORDER Now via Kickstarter here – Exclusive Bundles Available!

Release details:

  • 140g black audiophile quality vinyl
  • Mastered for vinyl from original 24-bit hi-res mixes
  • Poly-lined inner sleeve
  • Projected release date if Kickstarter goal is reached – August 24th, 2015

For more info, visit http://www.sofakingvinyl.com

How To Metal: A Death Metal Lesson by Super Quest

So I’m getting ready for my live radio show and then Dorian from the band Aestus shares this video on Facebook. This is great! If you’re a guitarist you will really enjoy it, but it’s funny for non-players too. I just had to post it while it was on my mind. I love the dude’s shirt too…

REVOCATION’s Self-Titled New Album Certainly Overwhelms the Thrash Metal Scene…and Kosher Metal!


So you might consider yourself a thrash metal fan and if you’re like me you can list the favorites from A to Z. And yes there are some that start with the letter Z. Revocation starts with an R which I’m betting stands for redemption. But what happens when the new wave of thrash metal takes hold and surpasses expectations set forth by the classic and old school thrash and even surpasses that? Well it’s not long after you have a strong divide for metal fans to generate community based fellowship centered around a title track off a new album or an eccentric and controversial album cover to get printed as merch on a shirt. There are moments in fact where people don’t take kindly to newer artists reinventing the wheel and most importantly reinventing the nature of the beast when it comes to the pleasures of evil. Revocation side swiped the entire industry with their last album and through no small effort, did it again it seems. Before we even get into that everyone should ask themselves how much they enjoy the word thrash and what it stands for.  And some of the reviews for those thrash metal albums are all over the place.

Thrash metal is simply not going away as many had hoped. Now in the 1990s it did become a bastard effort to distinguish itself from mainstream evil, and the hard rock scene was almost completely swallowed by nu-metal. Whatever that genre is about, nu-metal certainly didn’t do anyone any favors. There are split seconds between albums these days from your hungry and beleaguered bands – often promoting endorsements for their own instruments through onstage emphasis of that very same gear, or by appearing in magazines, websites much like this one, and distant efforts leading to import material where circulation may or may not be cheaper. Digital distribution is getting the thrash out to the masses it seems and when all the little kiddies used to sport Metallica brand merch, you’ll find a swarm of the all too eager Megadeth groupies or Mega-babes and Slayer chicks taunting wannabe hipsters with praised material to back up their claims of elitism.

Revocation entered the game with some other names that simply aren’t settling for the bar room gig anymore. These guys have swirled up into a fireball of madness and cut right for the throats of the record industry with sheer fan-base alone. I never thought I’d see the day when I was so happy a band shared continued success with the fans that supported them over and over again. But the drawback is the price-tag on most albums nowadays, which dwindles the once cult-like music zealots one by one as each album drops. But from Relapse comes an amazing flat rate for all their albums, and you won’t see prices for bigger names at twenty dollars or some outrageous and ridiculous price like in the mall, off Amazon, or even through eBay. Their albums remain in circulation because they are worth the money spent. Instead of waiting for them used, you’ll happily pay full price for them brand new, just like this bad boy right here.

Revocation hits like a shark on a manwhich sandwhich. And they are not going to disappoint anyone with this self titled album. This is not a debut. This is not a new band. This is a band that has recently been met with great bounds of success, the only factor here that anyone who believes in what thrash stands for may even have grounds to snark at. And you need to go back and purchase their entire discography to squeeze every drop of blood from this addition to the extensive back catalog.  OK, so we’re done establishing our ground points before the review and we’ve given enough oral.

Revocation is out of Boston and has been around for over ten years representing the new wave of thrash metal as a forerunner and most recognizable target for critics. They’ve been able to successfully play live at shows every song they’ve written. It’s no commercial surprise to us here at Kosher Metal that this album would sell prosperously. This review is about the constructive force that uplifts the entire thrash metal scene and has the critics in a giggling fit of nonsense and hysteria.

Thrash metal infused with death lyrics and death quality attitude; this album fires straight into your head with three non-stop cutting edge tracks that resonate talent from a decade old lead. The best and most satisfying part of this album actually comes at the beginning. The best tracks are all lined up in the front of the album, not to say they ran out of material halfway through but the end is a part of all good things finding their way into a playlist for some other day. The guitars are turned so far up, I find myself screaming the lyrics in order to think about the songs and what they were or are supposed to be about. High amounts of energy both shock and excite you as they reveal harder and harder, faster and faster similarities between a sharp tingling sensation as your skin is peeled backward from your body or a very nasty car accident. There are actual moments on this album where you’ll jump and your heart will hit the wall of your chest out of surprise or moreover fear. There are some unusual elevations of feedback during solos that cause some tenderness and jaw pain if you’re listening on headphones. So it is recommended you turn the volume down about five to ten percent from maximum. I’m not sure if the regain was intended to be that high but the effect is deafening! I love the lyrics for the most part on the tracks Archfiend, Entombed By Wealth, and A Visitation. While the lyrics and chorus on Invidious felt a bit like a different band. Now I’m going to be as forthcoming as I can be without hurting any feelings here.

This album is a lot better than the last and the last album was nearly perfect. Don’t mistaken the capability of the band’s best efforts being placed on the first half of the release. You’ll find great wealth like I did in the last two entries of thrash and death, really pulling teeth when you least expect it. The bright light at the end of the tunnel is really inaccurate. This album doesn’t take you to another level. It burns your idea of utopia to the ground and at the most political time of these United States, you’ll find more emotion conveyed that passes along conscription into the trust and antitrust organizations that inspire fear. Abstract fear in every way from start to finish is the entire background when you listen to this album. From relationships, to friendships, to strangers, and even to a forsaken religion if you read between the lines. I was disappointed in two areas of the album which is both the length and the limited number of tracks in the release. The saving grace is that each one of those tracks is beyond standard and miraculously removed any discussion about this band’s responsibility to its already substantial fan following. And the track Fracked had my attention as quite possibly one of the weirdest titles but one of the more memorable headbanging songs of my life. The entire track is a headbanger’s bible. You can smash your soft grey matter against the front of your cranium at the same and constant rate all the way to the end.

While I expect this album was more existential in concept; I don’t want to remove credit but add credit to the relative presentation instead. I love The Gift You Gave for its animal and indisputable emotional response. I didn’t just enjoy this album, I felt as if thrash itself is responsible for more un-empirical facsimiles and imitations because of the published material like this album. Relapse and Revocation showed great strides of progress since two thousand and ten. And I love Revocation now even more than before. There are very few bands in the business with this many years of experience, in this genre, with this style. I have numerous favorites from thrash metal from more recently the first half of this decade to the eighties. No-one sounds like Revocation. And Revocation takes the bar just too high this time around to follow without their fullest attention. This album has drums that will blow your mind, guitars that chew their way through your favorite albums of the past, and then vocals that scratch the back of your throat like a respiratory infection. I’m most impressed by the melodic solos, but that’s always been big in thrash and has been what I’d look for first. If it sounds like Revocation, do me a favor and listen to it over and over and then listen to this self-titled album. Then call your local physician and ask for a prescription to help ease your insecurities, your lack of masculine fortitude, and your sexual indifference to all things metal. There is no finer thrash metal release for twenty thirteen thus far. I’m not ruling anything out yet but the wicked have been claimed.

Walking away from this album after listening to it straight through nine times before publishing my review I need to admit I’m a bit miniature to offer my opinion. This is far beyond what I’d guess any band would produce and release during the sweltering heat wave of pain we’ve all suffered this year. These guys are not getting a rubber stamp. I highly recommend purchasing this album and I’ve purchased it myself. I know, shocking as that may be we purchase what we love. Revocation is a huge leap for thrash metal fans and we’re not just giving away free press. They are getting indoctrinated into our hearts as a part of who we are at Kosher Metal. This album was worth the review, worth the word of mouth, and especially worth recommending to your friends. It really can’t go without discussion if you believe in bands like this, we’re sure you’ll be talking about it the moment you hear it. Trust us, this is worth any price. We use a Horns Up! rating system and Kosher Metal sees fit to brand this album a staggering and Godlike

4.5/5  Horns Way Up!


Now if you want to get a taste of what Revocation is all about make sure to visit them at their Facebook and check their October tour dates with Death Angel, 3 Inches of Blood, and Battlecross
@ http://www.facebook.com/Revocation

Make sure to check out their previous work and stay tuned to everything Revocation on their Youtube
@ http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialRevocation

Finally to get the full flavor of this album and more do not forget to check out their personal BANDCAMP!

And remember to keep checking in with us here at Kosher Metal, because keepin It Kosher is what we do!
-Mister X
KM Music Review Editor