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THIS SATURDAY – Kosher Metal Anniversary Celebration


Kosher Metal will be celebrating our 4-year anniversary by hosting a multi-stage concert event and having a bunch of underground Metal bands play…and you’re all invited to the party! The event will be held at Malone’s Bar & Grill in Santa Ana, California THIS SATURDAY (April 18th, 2015) with the first band going on at 7:30pm.

$10 / 21 and over

RSVP on Facebook HERE


Metalocity Stage:


Seeds Of War

Empyrean Throne


Throwback Metal Stage:


War Within


CAGE Official Page

Special thanks to House Of Metal for helping us secure the venue.

EMPYREAN THRONE: Demonseed (Album Review)

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Have you ever thought of how funny it is when, say, Japanese people try to sing American music? You see them butchering Lynyrd Skynard songs in every single movie where someone goes to Japan. You gotta give it to ’em though, they obviously have good taste in music! Can’t really create it themselves (with the exception of Church of Misery), but you know, good for them. It seems to have been the case for Americans trying mimic European black/death metal for many years now. You can always distinguish their continent in the first song or two. Is it a heritage thing? Do these Norwegian death metal bands really have the Viking blood of their ancestry fueling their riffs? Are these Swedes fed from their mothers tit a magical melodic metal milk? I don’t think so. Recently, you’ve seen bands emerge from the States that sound like they’re from Poland, pounding out songs of the likes of Vader and BRT (that’s a Blood Red Throne acronym for all you idiots). It seems to have taken a while, but it’s definitely happening and it’s refreshing. Continue reading EMPYREAN THRONE: Demonseed (Album Review)

EMPYREAN THRONE Release ‘A Crow’s Feast’ Lyric Video

Empyrean Throne have released their official lyric video for the track ‘A Crow’s Feast’ which can be seen below. The song is taken from their album Demonseed, which is due out December 5th via Erthe and Axen Records. You can download the single for free right now at this location.


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Battle For Band Of The Week: EMPYREAN THRONE .vs STORM KING


The band that wins will be the Featured Band on the blog and get increased airplay on the station for a week. We will also promote the band on our social networks and change our cover photo on Facebook to highlight the band.

You ready? Let’s do this!

This week’s bands are Empyrean Throne and Storm King. Listen to each band below and then vote for who you think should win. You can vote once per 24 hour period up until 9:30am PST on the morning of Thursday, November 28th. Continue reading Battle For Band Of The Week: EMPYREAN THRONE .vs STORM KING

EMPYREAN THRONE Release ‘A Crow’s Feast’ Lyric Video

Empyrean Throne have released their lyric video for the track ‘A Crow’s Feast’ and I must say this is one kick ass song. Actually, this whole album kicks ass! Their new album Demonseed will be released on December 5th via Erthe and Axen, expect a review of the album soon. You can check out their bio and lyric video below.

While traveling through the Nordic wastes of Scandinavia, Empyrean Throne was formed by vocalist Andrew Knudsen and bassist John Ashbaugh. The duo teamed up with skins master Dan “Danimals” Bruette to bring the percussion fury. After going through various guitarist line up changes the band finally recruited string wizards Mike Brennan and Bryan Schwarz into the fray. The most recent addition to band is that of composer and master-class cellist Kakophonix, who rounds out the team’s current roster. Briefly under the banner “Of Legions”, Empyrean Throne began their live campaign with a bang, playing their second show as a band at the 2012 Summer Slaughter Tour in Anaheim, CA followed by two co-headlining shows with The Browning and Abigail Williams along with an appearance at California Metalfest later that year. But they have not stopped there. Since assuming their new identity, Empyrean Throne has continued their live campaign alongside local Epic Black Metal allies of Xanthochroid and Highland, and as the direct support act for death metal titans Disgorge and the all mighty Cattle Decapitation at the 2013 OC Deathfest. In terms of their stage show, Empyrean Throne is just not a heavy hitting dose of blackened death metal, it’s an experience with lots of personality, often ripe with multi-media theatrics that one would expect from a major label artist such as Dimmu Borgir. On the music side of the set OC Weekly described Empyrean Throne’s sound as “A vicious mix of raw black metal and traditional death metal, akin to a fuzzier version of Behemoth.”


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