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THIS SATURDAY – Kosher Metal Anniversary Celebration


Kosher Metal will be celebrating our 4-year anniversary by hosting a multi-stage concert event and having a bunch of underground Metal bands play…and you’re all invited to the party! The event will be held at Malone’s Bar & Grill in Santa Ana, California THIS SATURDAY (April 18th, 2015) with the first band going on at 7:30pm.

$10 / 21 and over

RSVP on Facebook HERE


Metalocity Stage:


Seeds Of War

Empyrean Throne


Throwback Metal Stage:


War Within


CAGE Official Page

Special thanks to House Of Metal for helping us secure the venue.

A Look Inside One Promoter’s Strategy To Help His Local Metal Scene Thrive

You may recall our editorial piece exploring the difference between a concert promoter and an event organizer. Well, here is a more in-depth look at how one particular promotion company is getting their local Metal scene thriving again while at the same time getting the bands paid.

House Of Metal is a concert promotion company based out of Southern California that focuses on Metal and Hard Rock events. I recently spoke with co-owner/co-founder Eddie C. about how they structure their deals with bands and I was quite pleased to hear how they are doing things these days with respect to what is required of bands to perform at their events….and more importantly how the bands get paid.

“Initially we did a certain minimum, then bands got paid on a decent ticket split after that. But most bands would only go slightly above or slightly below the minimum. So that fizzed out. Then we did a small minimum and the band kept everything after that. That too fizzed because bands started giving away tickets. And as we both know, generally there’s not much value in free tickets. Now, the newest one is what we’re doing NAMM weekend for the first time. I’ll offer a band a minimum number (number of tickets sold required based on slot). On a $20 ticket each band gets $3 per ticket. If they reach another per determined number I’ll give them $5 for every ticket sold. For most of the slots for Uli its a 30 minimum at $20 each. So each band should make $90 (on those 30 tickets). If a band reaches 50 sold, they get $5 on each ticket.”

“With that type of deal, everyone wins, I think. We’ll see how it goes. One of the bands who is opening for Uli will make more money than I will that night…and I don’t give a shit because the venue will be packed and I’ll still do damn good. Plus, with a split like that, there’s no doubt that word would get around.”

I really hope that this strategy works on a scalable basis. It would be great to see bands get paid for playing shows that they have to sell tickets for, as opposed to feel pressured to sell a bunch of tickets with no money to be made on ticket sales (like some promoters in this town operate). Horns up to Eddie and House Of Metal for caring about the bands and not just their own pockets. This method, I think, would make bands want to pre-sell as many tickets as they can as opposed to just doing the required minimum.


-Max ‘Manjewky’ Wallis
KM Co-founder and Blog Editor