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THIS SATURDAY – Kosher Metal Anniversary Celebration


Kosher Metal will be celebrating our 4-year anniversary by hosting a multi-stage concert event and having a bunch of underground Metal bands play…and you’re all invited to the party! The event will be held at Malone’s Bar & Grill in Santa Ana, California THIS SATURDAY (April 18th, 2015) with the first band going on at 7:30pm.

$10 / 21 and over

RSVP on Facebook HERE


Metalocity Stage:


Seeds Of War

Empyrean Throne


Throwback Metal Stage:


War Within


CAGE Official Page

Special thanks to House Of Metal for helping us secure the venue.

We Are Featured In This Week’s VC Reporter

The nice folks at VC Reporter did a killer write up on us and founder Max ‘ManJewky’ Wallis in their January 8th edition.  If you are local to Ventura County, California you can probably find a copy pretty easily. If not, see below for the digital version.


“Metal music rose to prominence in the 1980s only to be eclipsed by Nirvana and the Seattle sound . . . or so the legend goes. The music fell out of the spotlight for years, with bands like Metallica representing close to the entirety of a culture to fans who didn’t know any better. But metal never died; it retreated underground where it spawned an infinite variety of subgenres, fusing influences from all across the musical spectrum into its core sound. Subgenres such as metalcore and deathcore developed from a strong hardcore punk influence to substantial success. Post-metal cast aside a verse-chorus-verse song format in favor of Black Sabbath-like riffing and cinematic atmosphere. All of these sounds had their moments before slowly going back underground. What has emerged since is a return to the core sound, a new wave of thrash and traditional metal. Internet radio station Kosher Metal wants to welcome you to the revolution.”

Read more at VC Reporter here

NEW YEAR’S METALUTION – January 10th, 2015 @ The Tavern in Ventura

NYM copy

We are pleased to announce another Kosher Metal hosted event!

Our next event will be called New Year’s Metalution and will be held on January 10th, 2015 at The Tavern in Ventura, California. We loved that place so much, we just had to come back and bring a handful of kick ass Metal bands with us.

Bands scheduled to perform are: Ruthless, Heretic, Six Pack Of Doom, and Raiju


For those who are unfamiliar with The Tavern, it’s an old Victorian style house converted into a bar / nightclub in Downtown Ventura, CA. Supposedly, it’s haunted (if you believe in that sort of thing) – you can read up on the legend behind that here.

We look forward to seeing some familiar faces, and a bunch of new ones. You can RSVP to the Facebook event here.

NYM_500 copy

RECAP: Night Of The Living Thrash

(photo credit: Chris Cromelin)

This past Saturday, we hosted an event called Night Of The Living Thrash at The Tavern in Ventura, California. We were hoping to get someone out to review the show but we couldn’t make it happen due to scheduling conflicts, so… we’re doing it ourselves.

The evening started off with a thrashy kick to the balls when Social Overload began their set at 9:30pm – they have a good reputation amongst the locals and everyone we had talked to who were aware of them had nothing but good things to say. However, this was our first time catching these guys live and they pretty much set the tone for the rest of the night. If you haven’t checked these guys out and their shows are accessible for you…we highly recommend going. You can visit their website heavymetalhammer.com for show info, etc.

After giving away our first round of CD prize packs (courtesy of Nuclear Blast America) it was time for M.A.S. to tear it up. These guys got the pit going and provided an onslaught of thrashy riffs and vocals. They closed their set with a cover of Body Count’s “Cop Killer” and it was also around this time that we noticed some confused faces on some people who were walking through the venue to get to the outside area. Apparently there was an “SB ’04 Reunion” party in the back, we had no clue this was going to be occurring but it definitely provided for some laughs. There were sights of preppies and hoochies throughout the night with looks of disgust, most of them had to walk through a mosh pit to get outside where their party was, many of them plugging their ears. It was great! I mean, Metal is supposed to piss some people off…right?

After another round of giveaways, Brain Dead began to tear everyone a new third eye. With the twin-duo Adam ‘n Rez on guitar and bass along with blistering vocals by frontman Joey Dalo, these guys really brought the pit to life. Brain Dead has been hailed as one of the best local Thrash bands currently on the Los Angeles scene by established promoters, and we see nothing but great things for these guys in the future. Great songs and great stage presence. Hell, their debut album Indoctrinator was produced by former Slayer producer Bill Metoyer (you can get that here, if you’d like).

The final band of the night was Sangre and these Inland Empire heavy hitters brought that Metal hammer down in a way that could only result in one thing…a giant pit! Well, giant for the size of the venue anyway.  We couldn’t believe how insane both their set and the crowd were. We’ve already gotten requests to bring Sangre back, and we definitely will!

The best part about the whole night is that people moshed non-violently, if that makes any sense. When someone went down, they were helped back up….the way it’s supposed to be. No fights and no injuries that we are aware of. We have to give it up to the crowd, it was the epitome of how a crowd should behave at a Metal show. So, if you were there then pat yourself on the back.

The next event we have planned is on January 10th, 2015 at The Tavern once again and it will be called New Year’s Metalution. The night will feature Raiju, Six Pack Of Doom, Heretic, and Ruthless. We hope to see some familiar faces.

\m/ Keep it Metal \m/

-The Kosher Metal Staff


Some of you may have noticed that our Roku channel was not loading properly. The problem has been fixed! Below are the steps you can take to force the update if you already have the Public or Private channel installed.

1. Go to your Home screen
2. Go into your “Settings”
3. Click up 2x and select “System Update”
4. Perform the update check
5. The channel should now be updated, so watch some videos and eat something tasty..

If you don’t have the channel, then get it from the channel store in the music category.


Say Hello To Martin DeBourge, and Say Goodbye to Chris Violence

As you may have heard, Chris Violence and Kosher Metal have parted ways (on good terms, though).

However, on a brighter note we are pleased to announce a NEW DJ on KM! His name is MARTIN DeBOURGE and his ‘THROWBACK METAL SHOW’ will debut on Kosher Metal this coming Monday, Sept. 15th at 8pm Pacific time. Join the chat during the show if you can and show him some KM love!

Welcome to the family, Martin!


Changes At The Blog

As you may have noticed, there hasn’t been much Metal news being posted here. The reason for this is because we are a small group of people and sometimes life creates situations that prevent us from doing everything we want. After all, we are primarily a radio station and that’s where our focus should be.

With that said, we won’t be posting general Metal news on here as much. Instead, we will focus more on station news, editorial pieces, and random funny things that we find. If you want to stay on top of Metal news, we recommend Blabbermouth.

We thank you for your continued support and for choosing Kosher Metal as your preferred online Metal radio destination.

Horns up!
The Kosher Metal Staff

Burton C. Bell and Kevin Estrada On Kosher Metal During Metalocity This Week

KM_RAT copy

Rockers Against Trafficking founder Kevin Estrada and Fear Factory vocalist Burton C. Bell will be on-air during Kosher Metal’s Metalocity radio show with Stack the Ripper & Steven Steel this coming Thursday night (May 29th) from 8:00pm – 10:00pm PDT.

R.A.T. is a vocal advocate for the prevention and abolition of human trafficking through benefit fundraisers featuring some of Rock’s biggest names. Founder Kevin Estrada is an established photographer in the Rock/Metal community and has been shooting bands for about 30 years. He has photographed everyone from Van Halen and Motley Crue to Slayer, Pantera and Johnny Cash. He also did A&R for a number of years for Roadrunner Records and signed bands such as DevilDriver, Chimaira and Spineshank – just to name a few.

You all know who Fear Factory vocalist Burton C. Bell is, right? Good.

So please join us this Thursday from 8pm-10pm PDT at koshermetal.com as we talk about what R.A.T. is doing and discuss what’s going on in the Fear Factory camp. Plus, who knows what cool stories and/or anecdotes might be revealed by our guests.

Rockers Against Trafficking on FB:

Kosher Metal on FB:

Kosher Metal Website:

Direct link for mobile listening:

Join Us Tonight For A Celebration Of RONNIE JAMES DIO With Host CHRIS VIOLENCE

Tune in to Brother Chris Violence‘s Traveling Damnation Show tonight (Wednesday, May 14th) on our radio station from 8pm-10pm PDT for a special celebration of Ronnie James Dio.

He will be giving away TWO RJD buttons that were handed out at his memorial, but you have to tune in to win! Giveaway only valid to residents of North America.



RIK FOX Metalocity Interview Archive Is Up!

Those who missed the interview with Rik Fox on Metalocity this past Thursday night can listen to the whole thing below. It’s about 30 minutes long, so if you gotta poop or something you might want to tend to that business now before clicking play.