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2014 Is The First Year With ZERO Platinum Selling Albums

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…and it’s all your fault.

But seriously this really, REALLY bums me out! Sean Parker and Spotify aren’t exactly helping, either. I mean, unless you are a stickler for audio quality like me or like having a physical product with artwork, it makes perfect sense to just stream the album for free instead of paying for it. But on the flip-side, the money you save is more money taken away from the artist because the content creators get paid far less than they would selling that album to the listeners, not to mention the ongoing piracy issue. I commend Tool (and all the other artists) for not having anything up on Spotify. Good music has value, and those artists know it. I guess it’s a good thing that Spotify’s business model hasn’t proven to be sustainable.

Sure, many people say that they use Spotify to check out an artist before buying. Realistically, I’m betting that 99.99% of the people who say that are full of shit and have no desire to pay for any music. They may go to shows, but that’s not what this post is about.

I get albums sent to me for free digitally because of the radio station and yet I still purchase the vinyl if I like it and it’s available. Am I an idiot for spending hundreds of dollars on music in the past year? NO! Because I’m willing to take an active role in helping the artist succeed. I can’t go to every show so at least I’m buying something.

There may come a time when the artists you love just stop putting out new albums all together and just release a single now and then. If that happens, would all the money saved be worth it? Sure…you didn’t have to pay for any music but I bet you’d be pretty bummed if your favorite bands stopped putting out albums. Obviously this doesn’t apply to everybody. If you purchase music albeit vinyl, CD, or Digital then I’m obviously not directing this at you…I actually salute you.

In the end, pirateers and music freeloaders will do what they want but let me just leave you with this comment left by a friend of mind who shall remain anonymous (unless they ask to be revealed):

“You see… the older bands I dig actually came up in a time when fans would not only BUY the album, but they’d also PAY for their tickets to a show. AND when they got to the show, they would BUY merch too! It wasn’t a matter of “Well, let me steal the album and TRY to get into the show for free via guest list from a shitty local opener or just sneak in… THEN maybe buy a shirt if I have enough money left over after I buy all my weed and/or cigs and/or beer.” There was no theft of music, and no justification of “Well I’m poor/broke and can’t afford every new album that comes out.” We supported our favorite bands so that they could still be around, and continuing to put out new music.

Proof positive that when you actually SUPPORT artists with your WALLET instead of facebook likes and ridiculous “promotion” via illegal torrents and blogspots, they will actually still be around 20 – 30 years later…”

-Max ‘ManJewky’ Wallis